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A New Level of Comfort: Ergonomic 7 Seatersary Confero Series

7 October, 2019

Image A New Level of Comfort: Ergonomic 7 Seatersary Confero Series

Each individual must have different considerations in choosing a vehicle. Common things to consider are usually engine performance, entertainment features, and car design. However, actually not a few also make the interior as one of the considerations. Because according to them, the interior becomes one of the important things that directly gives an impact when driving, in this case certainly a spacious interior.

Elegant and Modern

Elegant and Modern

Since its presence in Indonesia, the Wuling Confero series, both Confero S and S ACT, have been present as MPV cars designed to provide comfort for both passengers and drivers, one of which is through the spacious 7-seater interior. Not only spacious, the interior of the Wuling Confero series is designed with an elegant and modern style to add driver and passenger comfort when driving. In addition, the interior design with black now is also present to add that elegant impression.

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The elegant design of the Wuling Confero series has been seen since Confero S was launched in 2017. The luxurious interior design can be seen from the car dashboard which features entertainment features in the form of an 8-inch head unit that you can connect to with social media accounts. Seats made from quality materials have also been present in the Confero S. series.

Comfort for Family

Comfort for Family

Changes were also made to Confero S ACT. The interior of the Confero S ACT has black upholstery seats with red stitching, carbon shades in red shades, mirrors that can be folded from the inside, and seats are equipped with adjusters. In addition, the distance between seats in each row in the Wuling Confero series is made far away so that passengers in each row have more room to move.

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The comfort presented by the Wuling Confero series is one of the many MPVs in Indonesia that you should try. Now, the decision is yours. Give your best for yourself and your family and let’s start your adventure with Wuling right now. Let’s do a test drive at the nearest Wuling dealer in your city and also take part in the Wuling Drive and Win, because in addition to the test drive, you also have the opportunity to bring the Wuling car home as a present.

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