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Almaz Cars: Features and Prices

27 July, 2020

Image Almaz Cars: Features and Prices

Of all variants of Wuling cars, Almaz is arguably the most modern one, as it is equipped with a myriad of cutting-edge features. However, considering the sophistication, Almaz’s price is still reasonable for Indonesian customers.

Let’s take a peek at a series of excellent features of Almaz to know what actually makes it a modern car.

The Latest LED Headlights

The Latest LED Headlights

One of Almaz modern features can be seen in its exterior design. The headlamp utilizes the latest technology of Integrated Future Eyes LED. The shape is narrow, which is a typical characteristic of the latest cars in the market. The LED lights give an impression of a classy and modern look of Almaz.

Wuling Indonesia Command (WIND)

Wuling Indonesia Command (WIND)

Not only is Almaz the first car of Wuling that is equipped with Indonesian voice command technology, but it is also the first car in Indonesia with a voice command feature that can understand the language. Usually, voice commands of a car can only understand English. The WIND feature, therefore, is a very competitive feature for Indonesian market.

To use the WIND feature, you only need to say “Halo Wuling” (re: “Hello Wuling”) and then mention the commands that you want the machine to follow, such as, “Menutup jendela” (re:“Close the window”). Shortly afterwards, the window automatically closes. Worry not, though, that this sophisticated feature does not necessarily make Alma’s prices expensive.

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Panoramic Sunroof

Panoramic Sunroof

Sunroof is usually embedded in luxury cars with high prices. However, Almaz offers the same feature just for you.

Almaz’s panoramic sunroof has a size of 0.82 m2, which is arguably the largest in its class. At the same time, it also indicates that most of Almaz’s roof is made of glass. For passengers in the second and third-row seats, a panoramic sunroof is very handy as it can provide a more outward view of the surroundings. To avoid having the sunlight enter directly into the cabin, Almaz also provides curtains for the panoramic sunroof.

To open the panoramic sunroof, you can simply press the open car roof button on the panel. To close it, just press the same button.

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You can also choose to open or close the curtain only. For safety reasons, the panoramic sunroof glass can only be opened at the front row.

CVT Transmission

CVT Transmission

Another important feature concerns the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), which is the type of transmission on the 8-speed Manual Simulation of Wuling Almaz. The gear changes are very smooth, hence, you can feel comfortable riding it. The CVT 8 transmission also makes this car more efficient in terms of fuel usage.

The engine speed of a CVT transmission car has also been programmed to stay on, so that the car’s power delivered is more optimal. This is one of the reasons that make you feel comfortable riding Wuling Almaz.

A series of advanced features mentioned above does not cause a high price for Wuling Almaz. The price list of Almaz cars for Jakarta OTR is as follows:

  • – Wuling Almaz Smart Enjoy 6MT 7 Seater Rp. 266,800,000
  • – Wuling Almaz Smart Enjoy CVT 7 Seater Rp 278,800,000
  • – Wuling Almaz Exclusive 5 Seater Rp. 331,800,000
  • – Wuling Almaz Exclusive 7 Seater Rp. 341,800,000

The description above has depicted Almaz Wuling’s prices, features, and engine. Don’t you get even more excited to buy one?

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