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Almaz Safety Features For Indonesian Women

26 April, 2019

Image Almaz Safety Features For Indonesian Women

The times and technology make many conditions change in various sectors, including the automotive world. At present, not only men are identical or follow the development of the automotive world. Many women pay attention to the development of the automotive industry, even have a hobby of adventure with their chosen car, and this indirectly makes them selective in choosing the right vehicle to accompany their daily activities.

The Best Ride Companion for Great Women 

The Best Ride Companion for Great Women 

During its launch a few months ago, Wuling Almaz was the center of attention among automotive lovers, both men and women. Elegant design, powerful engine, and classy multimedia features make many people want to try the greatness of this Wuling Motors car.

Speaking of Wuling Almaz who entered the SUV class, this type of car is still identified with men, considering the design that looks fierce suitable for male driving. But, in fact, Wuling Almaz designed every feature in Wuling Almaz for all automotive lovers, not to mention the great women who love adventure and exploring various places with private vehicles.

For women who are happy with adventure activities on the road or better known as road trips, Wuling Almaz is the right answer for you, considering that besides classy multimedia features that are ready to accompany your adventure, Wuling Almaz also features the best safety features so you can drive with safe.

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Sophisticated Safety Features 

Sophisticated Safety Features 

Every detail on Wuling Almaz gets special attention when this car is produced. When you drive with Wuling Almaz, you don’t need to worry. Wuling Almaz is equipped with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), Brake Assist (BA), and Electronic Stability Control (ESC). Other advanced features are Traction Control System and Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

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Speed Control Features

Speed Control Features

In addition, Wuling Almaz also provides safety in driving through 4 airbags (two in front, two on the side), a seat belt reminder, disc brakes on the rear wheels, and ISOFIX for the baby. In addition, Wuling Almaz provides additional safety features that are not less prestigious, are Emergency Stop Signal and Idle Stop. For parking, Almaz has a 10.4 inch touchscreen head unit equipped with a 360 camera.

Through some of the best safety features, Wuling Almaz is ready to accompany your trip every day. Keep going without limits with Wuling Almaz, and reach every dream in front of your eyes, great Indonesian women. Happy Kartini Day for all Indonesian women!

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