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Almaz: SUV Cars with Classy Technology Features

8 March, 2019

Image Almaz: SUV Cars with Classy Technology Features

Traveling with family or friends can be the right solution for a moment to unwind from a busy routine. But when traveling far, the performance of the vehicle is one of the important supporting factors, both from the engine, and the features that are in it. Imagine if you are traveling far away with family or friends, what’s entertaining besides snacks, chat, and fun jokes? Music and movies might be an alternative. This is the reason why Wuling Almaz comes with multimedia-rich smart features that stick firmly in the car’s cabin.

Multimedia Feature

Drive with Wuling Almaz at any time and any mileage will be very pleasant. 10.4 “Head-up Display (HUD) presents you with a variety of entertainment facilities equipped with connectivity, 360 ° visual camera, Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) display, various vehicle functions, and entertainment facilities with many menu options, such as player selection music from USB, Bluetooth, and AUX. These features will definitely make your driving experience totally fun.

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To support driving safety, Wuling Almaz also provides a telephone setup button placed on the right side of the steering wheel. This is intended to facilitate the driver when they want to access their cellular phone without disturbing the concentration of driving. Almaz also presents ‘Wuling Link’. With this feature, the display of the smartphone can be seen through the head unit along with all its functions, such as accessing YouTube, Gmail, WhatsApp, Instagram, Google Maps, and other applications.

Wuling Almaz Audio System

Talking about cars and multimedia features certainly cannot be separated from the role of sound presented through the audio system in the car cabin. However, the car audio system is currently one of the considerations in buying a vehicle. Not a few world car manufacturers provide sophisticated audio systems in the cars they market.

At Almaz, the audio system comes with the best quality through 4 speakers, 4 tweeters, and 1 subwoofer made from Infinity from Harman Kardon around the Almaz cabin. For those of you who are classified as perfectionists in the selection of sound quality, the name Harman Kardon is certainly popular to your ears. Needless to say, Harman Kardon is one of the largest manufacturers of surround home theater products. The result? Almaz provides the best sound quality for you when driving.

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In addition, Almaz also presents other features to provide comfort in the cabin that can be activated only with a hand reach, such as cabin cooling (AC) settings. Almaz provides air conditioning features that work automatically, regulate temperature and wind gusts digitally. Almaz’s sophistication about temperature regulation is also presented through the appearance of air temperature data outside the vehicle, the choice of the direction of wind gusts, and the choice of closing or opening air circulation.

Every feature in Wuling Almaz is made as detailed as possible with the best quality to give satisfaction to those of you who like SUV cars. Wuling Almaz is more than just your travel companion, this car is a hero that you can rely on in any situation. So, have you been curious about Wuling Almaz? Check full information about Wuling Almaz to explore the features and machines.

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