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Best Places To Practice Driving Effectively

26 August, 2021

Image Best Places To Practice Driving Effectively

A certificate from a driving school is currently one of the mandatory requirements in creating a SIM A. Here you will learn all things about cars from theory, car introduction, and practice with experienced instructors in one place. There are some favorite places or locations when you learn to drive a car with an instructor.

Large Field

Lapangan Terbuka

This place is the most preferred choice when practicing driving a car. It is simply spacious and has no obstacles, making it perfect and comfortable for you to practice.

Here, you will learn basic techniques while driving, such as adjusting the seat to be comfortable and adjusting the position of the rearview mirror so you have a better view of the car. The next step is to learn how to step on the gas and brake pedals. For manual cars, you will learn the important step of aligning the brake and gas pedals.

Next, you will be taught how to make a turn while driving and walk backward. In an empty, open field, you can do this without disturbing road users.

Empty land

Lahan kosong

Empty land is also often used as a place to learn to drive a car. Empty land is not as wide as a field, so your space for learning is a little more limited. However, because nowadays it is a little difficult to find a field, this vacant land can be used as a place to study. Although it’s a bit more limited than the field, you can still learn safely.

Closed road

Jalan tertutup

If you have mastered the basic techniques of driving, then the next step is the instructor will start the next lesson on a closed road such as the housing complex where you live.

Here you will learn more advanced driving techniques such as walking straight following road markings and turning using turn signals safely. Then you will also learn how to backtrack and turn around.

This closed road is a favorite place when learning to drive a car because its location is still quiet and can also improve the feeling while driving because there are not too many other road users passing by.

Parking lot

Tempat parkir

Parking is one of the main skills required when driving a car, this is why parking lot is the next favorite place when you learn to drive.

Here you will learn how to park a car, starting from parking forward, backward to parallel parking with a higher level of difficulty according to the availability of space at that time. Not only that, you can also learn how to get out of the parking lot without bumping into another parked car.


Jalan raya

After you go through all the stages above and have a better feeling, the instructor will take you to drive on the highway.

One thing you should know is that the car units provided by driving schools are generally modified. In the front passenger seat, there is usually a brake pedal and clutch for a manual transmission. This is so that the instructor can take emergency action when an error occurs.

You will also be given driving techniques according to road conditions, such as traffic jams, stopping and walking, or driving on uphill roads. You have to do those while obeying a safe speed limit. After you have gone through a minimum of 80 hours of driving, then you can get a SIM A. However, you still have to improve your driving skills by keep on practicing.

The Wuling family, Cortez CT Type S is the right choice for those of you who want to improve your driving skills because it has several features that make driving a lot easier.

The first is the Smooth & Responsive Continuously Variable Transmission feature which allows a smoother inter-speed transmission and the choice of a responsive 8-speed manual mode provides a much better driving experience.

The second is the Clear Rear Parking Camera, which allows car drivers to know directly the conditions behind the car when they are going to park backward. It is in fact quite common for novice car drivers to have trouble parking the car backward.

Those are some tips on the best locations to practice driving for beginners or improving your driving skills better. We hope it is useful for you!

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