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Business Ideas with Private Cars

4 October, 2021

Image Business Ideas with Private Cars

Opening a business is now more flexible and can be done anywhere. If you are thinking of running a new business, you may want to consider some opportunities using your private car.

Here’s a selection of business ideas with private cars, it can be a full-time or side business for additional income.

Selling Goods from Car Trunk

Jualan di Bagasi Mobil

This method can be done for beginners who are starting a business. There can be various kinds of sales such as trending food, household needs, knick-knacks, or merchandise from your city.

Currently, there is also a thrift shop business trend, where people sell used goods, either rare items or well-known brands, from outside and within the country. With only minimal capital but decent profits, you can start by looking for traders at flea markets who open bundle sales.

Selling out of car trunk is very flexible because you can move places or stay in one crowded area, such as tourist areas and cafes. Of course, this business can save business capital because there is no need to rent a place.

Moving Services

Jasa Pindahan

Moving goods services can be a very profitable business idea, especially in big cities with many industries and dense populations. Usually, there are people who need to move houses or buildings. Those who do not have a private car definitely need a car service for moving goods.

You can advertise on the internet or register with an online application service or moving service provider. Although this business is more suitable for pick-up car owners, commercial cars such as the Formo S can also be rented out to transport large boxes because they have a large space out of the folded rear seats.

Inter-city Car Rental Service

Pilihan Ide Usaha Menguntungkan dengan Mobil Pribadi 3 1000x569

Having a private car that is rarely used can be utilized as an inter-city car rental. Formo S, for instance, has a large cabin space to carry 2-8 passengers.  For car rental promotions, you can place advertisements on the internet, post information in front of your house, or just use word of mouth between friends and family.

Advertisement Space

Ruang Pasang Iklan

The last choice of business ideas is to place an advertisement on your car body. In fact, cars with advertisements that you may sometimes see on the road do not necessarily belong to the advertising company. In fact, this promotion is carried out by the company because it is cheaper and more effective than installing it on the media or billboards.

If you are willing to put up advertisements on your car, you can get decent benefits. First, you can negotiate with companies that are interested in placing ads on your car, the larger the printed ads are, the more expensive the price they are willing to pay.

It doesn’t require a lot of big costs if you already have a car that can support the business ideas above, such as the Wuling Formo S car as a commercial vehicle either for selling goods out of the trunk, moving services, or inter-city car-rental. You can have  Formo S for IDR 140 million right now!

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