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Car Care During Long Holidays

8 June, 2021

Image Car Care During Long Holidays

The Covid-19 pandemic has indeed made various annual traditions banned for health and safety reasons. Such as the Eid homecoming tradition, which is now prohibited because it can lead to new clusters of the Covid-19 virus. Even though your car is not used for going home during a long holiday, the car still has to get the proper and correct care.

1. Car Wash

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Car washing is a routine activity that you must do because it can make the car’s condition clean and maintain its appearance. During long holidays, make sure you take the time to wash your car at home.

Please do not wash the car in the sun, because it can make the color of the car fade. Car wash equipment is needed, such as microfiber cloth, washcloth, car shampoo, and plastic brush. You also have to clean the cabin well.

2. Check The Condition of Car Tires

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Tires have a critical role in the vehicle because they are the main support for the car. If the tire of the car is flat, then the car cannot run properly. There are generally four car tires, namely two at the rear and two at the front.

While you are cleaning the condition of the car tires, make sure all tires are in good condition by checking the tire pressure. You should also check the spare tire condition, which is usually forgotten because its position is under the car.

3. Check Engine Oil

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The role of engine oil in a car is likened to blood in the human body, so it must remains in good condition. In addition, engine oil serves to maintain the stamina of a car, so you have to check and make sure the oil change is on time.

If the usage time and mileage are too much, then you should immediately change the engine oil. Then, when you open the hood, make sure to check the condition of the radiator water, battery water, brake fluid, and fluid to clean the windshield.

4. Check Under Car

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If you have washed the car, it will be easier for you to check under the car. However, pay attention, do not let there be seepage of oil and various other fluids visible at the bottom of the engine. If seepage is seen, it must be repaired immediately.

You also have to check the condition of the car’s legs at the front and the rear. Next, check the rubber parts, whether they are brittle or broken. Finally, check the mechanical components related to the suspension or steering wheel by moving them by hand.

5. Car Body Inspection

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If you see that some parts of the car body are dented, you can immediately take the car to an official repair shop to get maximum car body care. Make sure to look for the best and professional workshop to work with good results.

If you take your car to a regular repair shop, it will undoubtedly be risky because it may not work well and worsen the condition of the car. Make sure the repair shop checks all inspections on the car body.

The car body has a highly visible exterior, so it must be considered carefully. If the car’s body is damaged, it will undoubtedly affect the appearance of the car.

The New Confero S, as a recommendation for the latest family car from Wuling, has more spacious cabin interior because of the the Captain Seats feature in the second row. In addition to the spaciousness, this feature also makes it easier for passengers to access seats in the third row.

Passengers who sit in the third-row seats no longer need to bother folding the chairs when going to the back because they can easily walk through space in the middle of the second-row seats.

This spacious cabin is also equipped with lots of storage to store many essential items in the car. Therefore, always keep and maintain the cleanliness of the cabin interior so that it still feels comfortable when driving with family. With the help of the tips above, you can always keep your favorite New Confero S clean with ease!

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