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Car Salon Treatments: What Are The Different Types and How Much Do They Cost?

30 November, 2020

Image Car Salon Treatments: What Are The Different Types and How Much Do They Cost?

Who doesn’t want to drive a car that is always smooth and sleek? Now it’s not only you who can pamper yourself at a salon or spa. Your favorite car can also enjoy treatments at a salon or spa so that it is always smooth and sleek like a new car.

Car salons or spas are now getting more and more popular in Indonesia. These car maintenance places are very easy to find in big cities and are a solution for car owners who don’t have much time to care for their car at home.

There are various types of treatments that the Wuling family can get for their favorite car. Just choose whichever treatment you want, then the salon experts will work on it. Quite easy and simple right?

Understanding Car Salons

Understanding Car Salons

A car salon is no different from the beauty salon that you usually use. The car salon will clean the dirt that sticks to invisible parts of the car, hence making it more clean and attractive.

Not only cleaning stuck stains, car salons clean other parts in more detail, such as acid stans due to rain, mold, or other materials that can cause fine scratches or faded paint on the car body.

The difference with auto detailing is the type of maintenance. The car salon focuses more on car body care, such as cleaning the glass using waxing, vacuuming the cabin, making the paint shinier, and washing the entire car body thoroughly. Meanwhile, auto detailing is about car treatment that covers more detailed parts of the car, such as wheel bolts and car engines.

In terms of workmanship, car salons and auto detailing are also different. The car salon only takes 3-5 hours to finish, while auto detailing can take more than 7 hours.

Types of Car Salon Care

Types of Car Salon Care

There are several types of car salon treatments that you can choose from. Usually, there are different services between car salons, but in general, there are 4 types of treatment offered to consumers, starting from cleaning, detailing, coating, and fogging & fumigator.



The first car salon service is cleaning. This service is available at all car salons as it is the primary service they offer. This cleaning consists of cleaning all car parts such as the exterior and interior parts, as well as the bottom part of the car. In this stage, the methods used by each car salon are usually different, including among others, ordinary car wash, dry wash, and snow wash.

Quite commonly, car salons provide Engine Cleaning services in their packages. However, for this service you should be careful, don’t do it just anywhere because this is a very sensitive matter.

You should do it at a car salon that has experience in Engine Cleaning because if water gets into the air chamber, the combustion chamber will automatically get wet and thereby cause fatal engine problems. In addition to certain types of cars, there are electronic components that must not be exposed to water.



This service aims to enhance the appearance of the car and usually, the methods used at this stage are polishing and waxing. It aims to remove dullness on the surface of car paint, but you should not do it too often because it will erode the paint layer and cause thinning.

On the other hand, waxing aims to provide complete protection to car paint. This method will protect the paint from water spots, mold, fine scratches, or stains that can otherwise cause dull paint over time. Wax can also brighten your car paint to make it shinier.



This service aims to provide more protection than waxing. The methods used by car salons, in general, are nano-coating and ceramic coating which use different materials.

Nano coating uses a special nano-sized liquid to protect the car from chemical exposure and oxidation. Meanwhile, the ceramic coating uses a special liquid containing ceramic to provide better protection for car paint. In addition to providing protection, the ceramic coating will give the effect of taro leaves when exposed to rainwater, thereby minimizing water spot and fungal growth.

Fogging and Fumigation

Fogging and Fumigation

Fogging is very effective in making the interior of the car much more fragrant and fresher. Usually, before fogging, the car interior will be cleaned first so that the dirt won’t be mixed during the process.

Apart from making the cabin more fragrant, fogging is useful for killing bacteria in the car. Besides fogging, there is also a fumigator service that is useful for eradicating fungi and insects that nest in the cabin. All to ensure that the interior of your car is cleaned and hygienic.

Car Salon Maintenance Costs

Car Salon Maintenance Costs

These various car salon treatments have different costs from one service to another. If it is just a normal car wash, it ranges from Rp 40,000 – Rp 50,000 depending on the method used. However, if Engine Cleaning is performed on top of that, the cost ranges from Rp 75,000 – Rp 100,000.

Meanwhile, the outer package service is usually differentiated based on the use of the material, but generally, such service without coating it ranges from Rp 500,000 – Rp 700,000 depending on the method and liquid used.

On the other hand, service packages with additional coatings range from 3 million rupiahs to 6 million rupiahs. As for interior services, car salon maintenance costs range from Rp 500,000 – 1 million rupiah.

The process of working on all these services varies considerably depending on the type and size of the car. A simple one can last about 4-5 hours and if the car type is large it can take up to 2 days.

From the explanation above, a car salon is an option that you can choose to make your Wuling car look better and maintained. Especially when using Almaz Limited Edition, you better keep this car well maintained. With a special feature of two-tone color on its exterior that looks very stylish and elegant, this new Almaz variant worthy to take care of appropriately.

Don’t be fooled by a car salon that offers cheap but bad quality service and uses non-standard fluids. It can be especially dangerous to your car’s paint in the long run. Remember to always choose a professional car salon with experienced personnel, Wuling Family.

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