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Car Subwoofer Functions & Benefits for Travel Entertainment

10 June, 2021

Image Car Subwoofer Functions & Benefits for Travel Entertainment

Developments in the audio world are no less rapid than the development of a car. However, many drivers do not understand the different functions of a subwoofer and speakers in the components of a car audio installation.

Car Subwoofer Function

Fungsi Subwoofer Mobil

When viewed from the form, the subwoofer and speakers installed in the car have almost the same design but functionally are very different. Speaker types are distinguished based on the sound results, such as woofer for low sound output, midrange for sound medium production, and tweeter for high sound output.

In general, speakers are the medium used to produce sound from electrical power. The subwoofer is a bass speaker system that can have lower frequencies. The primary function of a subwoofer is to make sound from 10 Hz to 200 Hz.

A complete sound will have good musicality with a usual frequency range of around 20 kHz – 29 kHz. The subwoofer will pick up and produce low tones below the speaker, and the resulting sound will be softer.

The Benefit of a Subwoofer in Your Car’s Entertainment Features

1. Better Bass Response

Respon Bass yang Lebih Baik

The subwoofer built into the car audio will help to expand the bass response in revealing the sound in the music you play in the car. Usually, the majority of car stereo speakers will start to stop at 50 Hz.

A quality subwoofer will be able to produce very low frequencies around 20 Hz or even lower. In addition, the subwoofer delivers ultra-clear and deep bass so that the lowest notes won’t be missed.

2. Greater Clarity in All Sounds

Kejernihan Lebih Besar di Semua Suara

Subwoofers with excellent quality usually have speed and response while producing bass very clearly, so the fastest bass lines will be clearer. On the other hand, a low-quality subwoofer won’t handle quick starts and stops in vocal or instrumental parts of music.

3. Distortion Reduction

Pengurangan Distorsi

Subwoofers can indeed reduce distortion and reduce the need for acoustics in-car speakers. However, when a full-range speaker produces bass at a low frequency, the diaphragm on the speaker can create distortion.

When you play music at a high volume, the woofer will not keep up with the mid driver and tweeter. A subwoofer that has good quality allows you to play music loudly without distortion.

4. Taking the Load from Smaller Speakers

Mengambil Beban dari Speaker yang Lebih Kecil

A subwoofer will usually free smaller speakers from producing low frequencies. This will allow smaller speakers to make a sound over a more comfortable frequency range. The presence of a subwoofer certainly lightens the load on full-range speakers and helps produce sound without distortion.

5. Full Spectrum Response

Respon Spektrum Penuh

A good subwoofer will indeed sound longer than spectrum speakers. However, with a quality sound system, the speakers will do their best to get the best frequency spectrum. This will make the high frequencies have optimal clarity.

The frequency amplifier will be lower with the subwoofer applied to the car, and the bass management will be more precise. In addition, an AV amplifier will also be connected to drive smaller speakers in the mid and high frequencies.

In-car speakers are usually equipped with bass handling for a variety of different music genres. However, without using a quality subwoofer, you will lose the experience of listening to relaxing music.

Wuling Almaz RS has a smart concept that aims to make its users feel comfortable while driving. This is very important because the technology of car features is constantly evolving. For example, the interior design is getting more elegant, and the engine is getting more powerful. Still, the entertainment in the car is getting classier with the presence of the Infinity Audio System.

Carrying the concept of smart & technology, Almaz RS represents this technology in features and machines, but smart multimedia that adorns the car’s entire interior.

The Almaz RS head unit is getting more sophisticated with Harman’s presence of the Infinity Audio System. The Infinity by Harman Premium Audio System at Almaz comes with a combination of four speakers, four tweeters, and one subwoofer in the entire Almaz cabin. Audio system specifications like Almaz can provide excellent sound quality to provide comfort while driving.

Wuling family, now you know subwoofers can enhance your music listening experience along the way. It can add even more depth and clarity that you wouldn’t be able to hear with just your speakers!

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