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Cheap Family Car: Rp 100,000,000 Car Recommendation

16 October, 2021

Image Cheap Family Car: Rp 100,000,000 Car Recommendation

Owning a car is indeed a desire of many people because the car is a vehicle that can be used for a whole family. The Multi-Purpose Vehicle or MPV is one type of family car that is on the rise in Indonesia because it has good quality and a modern appearance.

Not all cars can be comfortable as a family car, so you have to choose the right car. Of the many types of cars available in Indonesia, there are several criteria for a family car that you can choose from.

Car Interior

Interior Mobil

Comfort in driving is greatly affected by the quality of the interior of the car. When the car is very comfortable, then you can drive for a long time. Not only that, but you can also drive very comfortably with other family members.

The Formo S design is very stylish with an extra spacious cabin and a flexible back seat that makes it easy for you to fold or install, hence allowing you to carry various items for all your business needs.

Passengers are also more comfortable when driving because the cabin is quiet and has minimal vibration to accompany the journey.

Formo S is equipped with AC (Air Conditioner), USB port, Audio Head Unit, and Power Window Steering (EPS) technology for responsive steering power while driving. All of these features support driving safety for its users during business activities.

Pay Attention to The Number of Passengers

Perhatikan Kapasitas Jumlah Penumpang

The number of seats or car seats is a very important consideration in choosing a car for the family. Basically, you can find a car that can accommodate the whole family. By choosing the right car, you can drive comfortably.

Passenger capacity also accommodates up to 8 people with very comfortable seats. Not only for business, but Formo S is also perfect for traveling with friends or family. You can also store various belongings such as drinks, smartphones, and various purposes in the in-cabin storage.

Pay Attention to Maintenance Costs

Perhatikan Biaya Perawatan

Make sure you choose a vehicle that is cost-efficient in terms of operational and maintenance so it won’t drain your pocket. In general, the more sophisticated the technology applied to a car, the higher the maintenance costs will be.

The Formo S is a cost-efficient car because it has affordable maintenance and operational costs. This car is indeed very suitable for young millennial families with a minimal budget to run a new start-up business or daily trip.

Pay Attention to Machine Capacity

Perhatikan Kapasitas Mesin

Lots of cheap family cars can be obtained, both online and offline. To get a good car, you should not solely rely on a cheap price. The cheaper the price of a car usually has fewer features.

Formo S uses a 4 Cyl in-Line DOHC engine so that the ride becomes smoother without disturbing noise. And supported by I-VVT technology for efficient gasoline.

Pay Attention to Fuel Consumption

Perhatikan Konsumsi Bahan Bakar

When you own a car, of course, spending on fuel is very influential on your financial condition. Considerations about fuel are very important because it has a very important role in a vehicle.

Make sure you choose a car that is fuel-efficient so that the operational costs incurred are not too large. Pay attention to the car’s fuel usage and check how many kilometers it has traveled in each liter.

Affordable Car Prices

Harga Mobil yang Affordable

In buying a family car, make sure you choose a car that suits your financial capabilities. Do not force buying a car that is too expensive, so that your finances are not threatened and your life will remain stable.

With prices starting from IDR 140 million, Formo S is very suitable and affordable for young families or users who are just starting a business with minimal capital.

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