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Confero S ACT: Driving Easier with Auto Clutch Transmission

10 June, 2019

Image Confero S ACT: Driving Easier with Auto Clutch Transmission

Recently, Wuling Motors Indonesia launched a new variant of Wuling Confero, namely Wuling Confero S ACT, at the Indonesia International Motor Show 2019 or IIMS 2019, April 25 2019. One of the interesting things about this new type is the use of e-clutch transmission, namely a manual transmission without a clutch pedal.

So, when you enter and drive an ACT Confero, you will only find two pedals, gas and brakes. For those of you who are still unfamiliar with the term Auto Clutch Transmission (ACT), here is an explanation and description of how driving becomes easier with this technology.

In ACT Conference, this transmission system was developed by a manufacturer that has a world reputation, Schaeffler. Moreover, the ACT system used in Wuling Confero S ACT is an enhanced e-clutch transmission system. In this transmission system, the role of the clutch operated through the pedal has been removed. So this is really a manual transmission but without the need to step on the clutch for the gear shift.

The e-clutch transmission is supported by several devices, such as sensors and coupling modules. Gear shifts and sensors work continuously which are connected to the Electronic Control Unit (module). Its function is to read the driver’s desire to change gears (move the transmission lever).

Other sensors read the engine car speed and torque needed as needed when shifting gears. The results of these sensors are then read by the module and then the module immediately sends commands to replace the clutch function. The ACT Wuling Confero S-clutch transmission consists of 6 accelerations. Its function is to make the gear ratio bigger and gear shift more smooth.

In addition, another advantage of this e-clutch transmission is that you do not have to worry about the car going to die when the stop and go, for example when driving on a crowded road and forget to step on the clutch pedal. You simply move the transmission lever to a neutral position, or to first gear to walk, and so on. This technology gives you more convenience when driving.

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For maintenance costs, ACT cars do not differ much from manual transmissions in general. Because, the e-clutch transmission is basically the same as the manual transmission, including the same spare parts.

Intrigued to try ACT technology on Wuling Confero S ACT? Come on, do a test drive at the nearest Wuling dealer in your city.

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