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Driving Almaz RS To Explore Bali With Backpacker Tampan

24 August, 2021

Image Driving Almaz RS To Explore Bali With Backpacker Tampan

Wuling’s newest SUV, the Almaz RS is always stunning on various occasions. Not only cool and modern, the car has an advanced specifications and features to answer your various needs. Backpacker Tampan, a travel blogger, had the opportunity to drive Almaz RS to go on an adventure with him to Bali this time.

Comfortable for Long Trip

Nyaman Diajak Berpetualang

Driving Almaz RS to Bali is one of the best sensations he has experienced. The very soft suspension makes traveling in any terrain comfortable. Not only that, the Almaz power steering feels very solid and easy to maneuver, both at low and high speeds.

Cool Interior

Interior yang Keren

One of the most special things about Almaz RS is the interior. A cool dashboard with black shades and white synthetic leather accents brings a modern feel, perfect for the adventurous Backpacker Tampan. Seats up to the third row have spacious spaces and are upholstered with exclusive synthetic leather. Not only the driver, but the passengers are also very pampered when sitting in Almaz RS.

Exterior Dashing That Brings Your Confident

Exterior Gagah bikin Pede

Backpacker Tampan’s driving style is even more dashing with the Almaz RS’s solid and strong dynamic design body. Not only wide and big, but the curves on the exterior of the Almaz give the impression of being elegant but sturdy and dashing.

The futuristic grill concept on the front adds a dashing impressio. The New Smoked Headlamp has been equipped with a projector headlight and a dynamic tail design, giving perfection to the exterior appearance of this car. Almaz is simply perfect and just what you need to have an enjoyable adventure.

My Wuling+ Makes Life Easier

My Wuling+ Membuat Hidup Menjadi Lebih Mudah

What else do you look for in a car if not a convenience? He can do anything using My Wuling+ application, such as starting the car to opening or locking the car door with just a fingertip.

For those who often park cars and forget where the car is, like in a tourist area that has never been visited before, My Wuling+ application can also show the location of the car park as well as providing a route to the car’s location on its map feature.

Charming Panoramic Sunroof

Panoramic Sunroof Menawan

Another interesting thing about the Almaz RS is that it features a panoramic sunroof with a size of up to 0.82 m2 and is the largest size in its class. This means, 70% of the Almaz roof consists of glass, thereby providing better outside views and lighting. Backpacker Tampan could enjoy the beauty of Bali’s natural scenery thanks to this feature.

This view can also be enjoyed by passengers in the rear row of seats. Charming panoramic sunroof is quite advanced in its class considering that this feature is usually only found in the latest luxury cars.

Wide and Sophisticated Head Unit

Head Unit Lebar dan Canggih

Almaz RS is equipped with a wide and sophisticated head unit that can be connected to a smartphone. One of the most interesting features is the Wuling Indonesian Command (WIND) which allows users to activate or deactivate the Almaz feature by voice commands.

Its advanced features and technology make it very easy for drivers, because they do not have to interact directly with the screen so they can keep their focus on driving and enjoy the surrounding scenery. This is the comfort and excitement of Backpacker Tampan when exploring the beauty of Bali with Almaz RS.

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