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Driving Comfort with Electric Seat Adjuster Features

8 May, 2019

Image Driving Comfort with Electric Seat Adjuster Features

When driving a vehicle, comfort is not only determined by the latest car engine technology and multimedia features in the cabin, the real comfort is when you are spoiled by all parts of the vehicle. This is what is given when you choose Wuling Almaz as your personal vehicle.

Not only the engine and multimedia features are classy, when you drive Wuling Almaz, you can adjust vehicle settings to your liking, such as vehicle locking, vehicle light settings, wiper settings, vehicle rearview settings, to the driver’s bench with Electric Seat Adjuster feature so you can drive unlimited way with maximum comfort.

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The Electric Seat Adjuster feature on Wuling Almaz allows you to adjust the seat while driving according to your comfort. This feature provides six-driver seat setting modes, this setting option is different from general vehicle seat settings. With the Electric Seat Adjuster, you can not only advance or rewind, but you can also raise and lower the seat.

You might imagine how it feels to be a passenger if the driver has a high posture. Of course, the seat arrangement should be more backward so that the driver has more room for his legs when driving a car, and maybe your space becomes narrower. This will not happen when you are in Wuling Almaz, because the distance between the first and second lines on Wuling Almaz is more widely designed, so you and the driver have the same space. This is so that comfort can be obtained by the driver and passenger when driving with Almaz.

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In addition to setting the driver’s seat through the Electric Seat Adjuster feature, there are many more Wuling Almaz features that give you comfort, safety, and of course easy driving. Wuling Almaz is designed to give you the best driving sensation you have never felt before. Intrigued to get to know more or try to drive Wuling Almaz? You can do a test drive by visiting the nearest Wuling dealer in your city. Together with Wuling, let’s Drive For A Better Life.

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