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Enjoy the Adventure with Almaz Panoramic Sunroof

27 March, 2019

Image Enjoy the Adventure with Almaz Panoramic Sunroof

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to drive a car that doesn’t have any entertainment features? The trip will surely feel boring. The aim a car is created with complete features and uses the latest technology is to provide convenience, because the complete features of a car indirectly become an entertainment for its users.

Every trip offers entertainment and scenery. This is the reason why Wuling Almaz pays attention to the entertainment features in the cabin that are represented through smart multimedia in the cabin of the car such as a 10, 4 inch touch screen head unit, Infinity audio system by Harman, and a panoramic sunroof that allows you to enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of the scenery on each of your trips.

Sunroof Width

Sunroof Width

Almaz calls it a panoramic sunroof because it is a combination of a sunroof and a panoramic roof. Almaz Panoramic sunroof measuring 0.82 meters, this size is the largest in its class. This means that 70% of the Almaz roof consists of the panoramic sunroof glass. The aim is to give a more outward view, and also so that the view obtained by passengers sitting in the rear seats is the same as the passengers in the front and center seats.

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With this size, comfort in the cabin will be more pronounced, especially if you traveling at night. Other than that, the Almaz panoramic sunroof is also equipped with a curtain that serves to prevent the entry of sunlight during the day.

Operating System of Panoramic Sunroof

Operating System of Panoramic Sunroof

The operation of the panoramic sunroof on Almaz is using an electric system so that you have no trouble when you want to open or close it. The panoramic operation of the Almaz sunroof was simple, you can operate this feature through the Overhead Control Cluster located in the middle front ceiling.

To open a panoramic sunroof, you can press a button with a car with an open roof on the panel. Similarly, on the contrary, to close the Almaz panoramic sunroof, you can do this by pressing the button again. For security reasons, the panoramic sunroof glass can only be opened at the front or the first row only.

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With these various entertainment features, Almaz deserves to be a wishlist for those of you who are looking for an SUV that is reliable in all fields. Almaz will always give you comfort and safety in each of your adventures. Want to get to know this car more closely? Visit the nearest Wuling Motors dealer in your city or find information about Almaz on this link: wuling.id/Almaz

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