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Even-Odd Routes

20 August, 2018

Image Even-Odd Routes

There are still many who are not fully aware of the even-odd rules, even though this regulation has been tested since July 27, 2016 replacing 3 in 1 regulation which was considered to beless effective. And in fact, until the beginning of August 2018, the areas where the even-oddregulation is applied have been expanded, which has made people who are yet to adapt with this new regulation to be more perplexed.

The government certainly envisions a good purpose when making this regulation effective, which is to make the access to downtown area to be easier by untangling the traffic lockdown, as it reduces the number of cars going through the streets where such regulation is applied. Let’s learn more on the areas below:

Initial Rules

In the beginning, the regulation was only applied along the roads of PatungKudaBank Indonesia Roundabout, Sarinah, Hotel Indonesia, Imam Bonjol, Senayan, CSW, Gatot Subroto, and Mampangfor cars with even/odd plate numbers to pass between 07.00-10.00 and 16.00-20.00. However, along with further evaluations by the traffic force and also through the approval of the surrounding cities’ local government, it was deemed necessary to expand the monitoring area under the even-odd system, so that traffic congestion becomes more untangled.

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Toll Gates

Another effort was to implement this regulation on 5 toll gates, namely West Bekasi 1 Toll Gate, West Bekasi Toll Gate 2, East Bekasi Toll Gate, Tambun Toll Gate, and PondokGede Toll Gate. Due to the density of these toll areas, it is expected that drivers to set a more ideal time to go through this toll lane so as not to squeeze into the traffic at one time.

2018 Asian Games

But, there is one interesting fact, in the expectation of running the Asian Games event (18 August – 2 September 2018)smoothly, this even-odd regulation is made effective from 6:00 a.m.—09:00 p.m. while being expandedat the following areas:

  1. Jalan Merdeka Barat
  2. Jalan MH. Thamrin
  3. Jalan Jenderal Sudirman
  4. Jalan Sisingamangaraja
  5. Jalan Jenderal Gatot Subroto (Simpang Kuningan – Simpang Slipi)
  6. Jalan Jenderal S Parman (Simpang Slipi – Simpang Tomang)
  7. Jalan MT Haryono (Simpang UKI – Simpang Pancoran – Simpang Kuningan)
  8. Jalan HR Rasuna Said
  9. Jalan Jenderal DI Panjaitan (Simpang Pemuda – Simpang Kalimalang – Simpang UKI)
  10. Jalan Jenderal Ahmad Yani (Simpang Perintis – simpang pemuda)
  11. Jalan Benyamin Sueb (Simpang Benyamin Sueb – Kupingan Ancol)
  12. Jalan Metro Pondok Indah (Simpang Kartini – Bundaran Metro Pondok Indah – Simpang Pondok Indah – Simpang Bungur – Simpang Gandaria City – Simpang Kebayoran Lama)
  13. Jalan RA Kartini

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For alternative routes, the police force has prepared alternative routes for motorists who intend to avoid even-odd areas. As informed through the official NTMC Police website, the alternative routes are:

  1. Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan-Jalan Suprapto-Jalan Salemba Raya-Jalan Matraman, dan seterusnya.
  2. Jalan Pasar Minggu-Jalan Soepomo-Jalan Saharjo-Jalan Casablanca-Jalan KH Mas Mansyur, dan seterusnya.
  3. Jalan RE Martadinata-Jalan Danau Sunter Barat-Jalan HBR Motik-Jalan GunungSahari, dan seterusnya.
  4. Jalan Kwitang-Jalan GunungSahari, dan seterusnya.
  5. Jalan RA Kartini-Jalan Ciputat Raya.
  6. Jalan Akses Tol Cikampek-Jalan Sutoyo-Jalan Dewi Sartika (arahutara) atau Jalan Akses Tol Cikampek-Jalan Sutoyo-Jalan Dewi Sartika-Jalan Raya Kalibata-Jalan Pasar Minggu-Jalan Soepomo-Jalan Casablanca, dan seterusnya (arah barat).
  7. Jl. S Parman – Jl. Tomang Raya – Jl. Suryo Pranoto/Jl. Cideng – dan seterusnya
  8. Jl. Warung Jati Barat – Jalan Pejaten Raya – Jl. Pasar Minggu – Jl.Soepomo – Jl. Saharjo, dan seterusnya

Be wise in setting the time and in planning your trip beforehand. Hopefully your activities will remain smooth and safe, let’s support and succeed the 2018 Asian Games. Cheers to Drive for A Better Life!

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