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Experience All of Almaz Features Through Test Drive

27 March, 2019

Image Experience All of Almaz Features Through Test Drive

There are many considerations when you want to replace or buy a new vehicle. Prices, specifications, or comments from relatives or families who have tried the car you want are some of these considerations. At Wuling, we understand everything that is considered in choosing a vehicle. This is the reason why we provide test-drive services for every vehicle we produce, including Almaz.

Almaz was officially launched on February 27, 2019. This is the 4th production of Wuling Motors in Indonesia in less than 2 years. The name Almaz is taken from Arabic which means diamond. Almaz carries the tagline ‘Drive Unlimited Way’ and brings the concept of Smart & Technology SUV which makes Almaz have various advantages, such as Smart Multimedia, turbo engine, and the latest CVT technology.

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You can try and feel the best driving sensation with Almaz through a test drive at the nearest Wuling dealer in your city. Through this test drive, you can find out and experience all of the features that offered by Almaz, such as the multimedia features represented by the 10.4-inch Head-up Display (HUD) with Wuling Link technology, 360 ° visual cameras, and Infinity audio system by Harman.

In addition to multimedia, you can also drive and feel the turbo engine and the smooth CVT transmission system in Almaz, and know some modern safety features that available to protect users while driving, including 360 ° cameras, 6 parking sensors, Traction Control System (TCS), Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Hill Hold Control (HHC), Auto Vehicle Holding (AVH), Electric Parking Brake (EPB), Emergency Stop Signal (ESS), ABS braking system, EBD, BA, to front and side airbags.

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For those of you who are curious about what Almaz and its best features are, you can immediately ask for a test drive. You can come directly to the nearest Wuling dealer in your city. You will be served by the Wuling team for everything you need or you can request Almaz test drive by registering through the official website of Wuling. Let’s get to know Almaz and the best features in it by directly driving the smart SUV.

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