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Family Road Trip Tips During A Pandemic

9 November, 2021

Image Family Road Trip Tips During A Pandemic

Vacation with family is one of the most fun activities to do, because it helps eliminate boredom, especially during the pandemic. The spread of coronavirus into Indonesia has made many people do activities at home.

If you still want to carry out activities during a pandemic, you need to be careful. You can go on a road trip during the PPKM period, because this holiday activity can be safer and limit you from meeting many people.

To do a family vacation, then you can use a private car or rent it. However, there are some things that need to be considered when you want to take a vacation during a pandemic with less stringent but still safe rules.

1. Choose a Green Zone Tourist Location

Pilih Lokasi Wisata di Zona Hijau

Basically, the purpose of a family vacation is to maintain relationships and a sense of kinship in each member. For this reason, there are many potential tourist locations suitable for Indonesian families.

In the era of the pandemic, of course, holiday activities can become a scary thing because virus transmission can occur quickly anywhere. Not only that, the COVID-19 virus can also attack anyone.

Make sure you choose a tourist spot within  the green zone, so that tourist activities can be carried out more safely. You should avoid traveling in the red zone, because the transmission of the virus is in an emergency period.

Not only safe for tourism, the green zone also usually has more tourist options than the red or yellow zone. By choosing the right location, your vacation with your family will be safer.

2. Check Car Condition

Cek Kondisi Mobil

Do not let family tourism activities be hampered due to the bad condition of the car. Make sure you check the condition of the car before going on a road trip, because the car will run a long distance in a long time.

You can start by checking the condition of the car tires, whether they are stable or in a lack of pressure. Also make sure you also have a spare tire, so you don’t get bothered when the car tire leaks in the middle of the trip.

You also have to check the condition of the engine oil, lest the oil condition is bad and the oil has receded. Not only oil, you also need to check the condition of the radiator water and brake fluid, so that your trip with your family will be smooth.

Before a road trip, you also need to clean and spray disinfectant on the car cabin, so that various bacteria or viruses that stick inside can die immediately.

3. Bring Health Equipment

Bawa Perlengkapan Kesehatan 1000x569

Health is an important thing in the era of a pandemic, so it is very important to pay attention to it. When you want to go on a road trip with your family, don’t forget to bring a variety of health equipment such as masks, hand sanitizers and others.

You may also want to bring disinfectant water to clean the car cabin along with  a dry cloth or chamois. With complete medical equipment, you can drive more safely.

A travel bag organizer is also necessary to have, so you can carry a lot of things neatly and find the various items you need in no time. Not only that, you can also bring a hand pouch to hang the hand sanitizer in your bag or on a chair.

When going on a road trip during the PPKM period, you need to bring your own eating utensils and drinking bottle. With strict health protocols, you can travel safely and comfortably during the pandemic era.

4. Arrange your items neatly

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When preparing to go on a road trip, you need to organize your luggage neatly. You can put a bag containing clothes in the rear trunk of the car and store various important items on the front or rear dashboard of the car.

To be able to tidy up various small items, then you also need to use a car organizer. You can store various important components in the car organizer such as medicines, tissues, wallets, and cellphones.

5. Avoid Visiting Public Facilities When Possible

Jangan Terlalu Sering Mampir di Fasilitas Umum

When doing a road trip during the PPKM period, you need to reduce the intensity of visiting public facilities. Many public facilities that are frequently visited include gas stations, rest areas, supermarkets, public toilets and many others.

When you come to public facilities, always conduct good health protocols such as always washing your hands after touching various objects. You should also always wear a mask, to minimize the chance of the coronavirus entering the body.

To make your road trip more comfortable and safe, you need a quality car. The New Confero Double Blower variant is the latest car highly recommended for family holidays, because it has a spacious interior design and luggage space to store a lot of stuff.

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