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Feast for Modification Enthusiasts

26 February, 2018

Image Feast for Modification Enthusiasts

Hobby in modification is commonplace among car-lovers. Usually the level of friendship and the circles one makes is proportional to the style and expertise for car modification. Regardless of age, but those who are often dubbed as ‘anak mobil‘ are prone to hanging out together, they are usually formed from out of a community or even gathered to create a community of its own.

Now the individuals who are a fan of modifications and friends of a community can participate to have fun in the event of international modifications, one that is going to be held here. The event that is intended to make a breakthrough in November 2018 will be named Indonesia Modification Expo (IMX). The event was initiated by the National Modificator & Aftermarket Association (NMAA).

At the beginning of the year, exactly 10 to 12 February 2018, NMAA has begun to try out their ideas by making an appearance at Osaka Automesse. With the theme of Great Indonesia, Andre Mulyadi as the founder of NMAA stated that the association’s effort through this event is to showcase the original aftermarket of Indonesia, as well as showcasing the art of the country’s modification artists so that they will be more visible to the world. Osaka Automesse is a ‘Car and Customizing Motor Show’ event held in Kansai and annually attracts at least 200,000 visitors. Firstly held in 1997, the event on February 10th was their 22nd event.

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The success image brought to Japan for this exhibition is Chandra Kenzo’s Mercedes-Benz E250 W212 units, Accelera – a local tire manufacturer, Revolt.id air suspension, Yoong Motor lamp manufacturer, Tomy Airbrush, automotive distro ZC Distromotive, Bank BJB’s support as a local bank also helped to make the success of this Great Indonesia exhibition. Similar events in Japan are already numerous, such as Nagoya Auto Trend and Fukuoka Custom Car Show. While in the other hemisphere there is SEMA Motor Show, which last year was held in Las Vegas.

The SEMA Motor Show is a celebration of the best aftermarket products and the crazy mods of America and around. Although you are tempted by the cars on display at this event, unfortunately most are not sold. Uniquely, the car manufacturers make this event as their survey event – meaning if there is an interest arising out of their display, usually they will produce similar versions.

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If America is too far away to participate, perhaps Wuling Families can have glance at neighbouring countries. Thailand also holds a similar event, namely Bangkok International Auto Salon. The Bangkok event dares to dub itself as ASEAN’s Biggest and Most Exciting Modified Car Show. A glamorous party for modification lovers will be held from 4 to 8 July 2018.

Welcoming IMX that is planned to be held in the forthcoming November 2018, what exciting modification ideas Wuling Families have to ‘dress-up’ your Confero and Cortez series to appear more cool and exciting? Start preparing, while there is still a long way to go, that is 9 months ahead. Keep the spirit of the drive for a better life alive!

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