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Fee and Preparation for Car Driving Lessons for Beginners

5 October, 2021

Image Fee and Preparation for Car Driving Lessons for Beginners

Being able to drive a car is certainly not an easy matter, because there are many techniques that need to be learned. In order to learn to drive faster, you need professional driving lessons.

Even though car driving lessons have been around for a long time, many people don’t know the fee incurred. Before you decide to register for car driving lessons, you need to know the cost calculation first.

Car Driving Lessons Fee

Biaya Kursus Stir Mobil

When you learn a car, you can choose to learn an automatic or manual car. Basically, each course will charge a different price. But always make sure you choose a professional course. The course also usually provides a package for making a driving license or SIM A which is usually bundled for a higher price.

The fee for card driving lessons varies depending on the car you pick. For automatic cars, the cost ranges from Rp 800,000 to Rp 1,300,000. While manual cars are slightly more expensive, ranging from Rp 900,000 to Rp 1,600,000.

This price difference is based on the number of sessions, typically between 6-12. While the SIM A service is subject to an additional fee of Rp 400,000-600,000 depending on the city you are located in.

Preparation Before Learning to Drive a Car

1. Prepare Fees

Siapkan Biaya

Before deciding to use the services of the nearest car driving lessons, you need to prepare the fee for the course. A trusted and popular course company usually has a higher price than the less popular ones. You need to make sure you choose a quality and trusted course.

2. Know the Benefits

Ketahui Keuntungan yang Diperoleh

Not only costs, but you also need to know the various benefits that will be provided by the course. To be more complete, then you can choose car driving lessons that offer a driving license making package.

3. Determine the Course Hours

Tentukan Jam Kursusnya

In the car driving lessons package, there will usually be 6 to 9 meetings. To get you to learn faster, you can choose a course day that is not far apart in time. It will also be easier to find the closest car driving lessons company from your home location so going back and forth will not be a hassle.

4. On Time

Tepat Waktu

When you decide to use a card driving lessons service, make sure you always come on time. This needs to be done to avoid the risk of a duration cut. The later you are, the less time you will have to practice. To be comfortable and save travel time, you can choose the closest car driving lessons company from your house.

5. Practice Routinely

Rutin Latihan

In order to learn to drive a car faster, you need to do regular and repeated exercises. After getting taught from the course, you can practice on your own on the streets near your home.

6. Ask in detail

Bertanya Secara Detail

If you have any doubts while driving a car, don’t hesitate to ask, always. Things that are generally asked are about security and safety in driving a car.

7. Be Brave

Harus Berani

By having a brave attitude in driving a car, you will learn faster. You need to control your courage, so you can drive the car with more focus. When driving, you must also always be relaxed or calm.

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