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Get To Know More About Turbo and CVT Technology of Wuling Almaz

20 March, 2019

Image Get To Know More About Turbo and CVT Technology of Wuling Almaz

Wuling Indonesia recently introduced its newest car in the Sport Utility Vehicle or SUV class, Almaz. Wuling Almaz is the first Wuling Motors SUV in Indonesia and the fourth product in less than two years.

The name Almaz is taken from Arabic which means diamond. Diamond contains a philosophy of ‘stylish, tough, and precious’. In addition, the ‘Drive Unlimited Way’ tagline carries the Smart & Technology SUV concept and makes Almaz have advantages such as smart multimedia, powerful turbo engines, and the latest CVT technology. This article will get you closer to the turbo engine and CVT technology attached to Almaz that ready to provide the best driving sensation.

Turbo Technology

Turbo Technology

SUV is one of the most popular types of cars in Indonesia, considering that this type of car can be relied to face the road contours in Indonesia which can be said did not have good conditions. Talking about the SUV is certainly not separated from the engine car that supports this type of car so that it can pass through various terrain.

Wuling Almaz is equipped with a Honeywell turbo engine with a capacity of 1,451 cc. The output of this Wuling Almaz engine is 140 hp/5,200 rpm and 250 Nm of torque in 1,600-3,600 rpm.

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The turbo technology on Wuling Almaz is Honeywell’s latest generation that is capable of producing large torque so as to provide more experience for you who drive this car. The working system of the turbo in Almaz is utilizing energy from the rest of the engine combustion, then it will be used to rotate the turbine which in turn is able to rotate the compressor side of the turbo.

CVT Technology

CVT Technology

To increase performance and provide the best driving sensation, the engine attached to the Wuling Almaz is combined with Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). CVT is an automatic transmission that is able to change the ratio continuously throughout the range of its ratio. A CVT has an unlimited ratio, just like the CVT on Almaz.

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Almaz CVT is the latest CVT technology from Bosch, this CVT offers a smooth and responsive transmission with an 8-speed manual option. In addition, there are also two driving modes, namely Eco (E) and Sport (S).

With turbo and CVT technology, Almaz is ready to accompany your days of adventure in all conditions. Want to get to know more about the best SUV from Wuling Motors?

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