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Getting Entertained in Wuling Cortez

29 July, 2018

Image Getting Entertained in Wuling Cortez

It’s been almost seven months since Cortez’s first drop off in Indonesia. Many of you may have already experienced being inside it or even driving it. There are sounds of appreciation and satisfaction from Cortez users here and there, which probably make you more and more curious whether the price is really worth it.

The Safety Features of Wuling Cortez

Speaking from look, it may not be the best in its class, but it definitely looks very young and attractive. Talking about safety features, Wuling Confero S owners already experienced them way earlier before Cortez came to town, but the features in safety Cortez offers are definitely more advanced than that of Confero S. Such as ABS, EBD, EPB, & AVH. What else do you want to know? The roof? Do you really want to know how good it is? Push the button twice, then the sunroof will open to its full extent automatically.

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Try it when you go to the mountainous area then you will feel the cool breeze flow into the cabin without having to turn on the air conditioner.

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The Entertainment of Wuling Cortez

Now, let’s explore more on entertainment. Some people consider this an important part of their car and they really want to get indulged with the crisp sound and easy access. To get the best, some people are even willing to go the extra mile just to feel happy with the entertainment system in their car. It doesn’t work like that in Wuling.

The pre-installed entertainment system in your Wuling, especially Cortez, includes a slim, sleek, 8” full-colour head unit with touch screen capability. For ease of entertaining yourself, you can either connect your smartphone using USB cable or Bluetooth connection. Besides the ease of playing your songs, you may adjust the focus of the speaker’s sound to the middle of the cabin, or a little more to the front left, even to the far right back. Very interesting! If you keep a movie file (.mkv), your family can have time to watch a movie together while driving.

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Type of Connection for Gadget

If it’s more comfortable for you to connect your phone using USB cable, because at the same time you want to charge it, then just go below the dashboard. There are 3 sockets; charging socket (5 V/2 A), AUX-in for audio cable, and the last one is the USB socket which will get your phone connected to the car’s audio system. You can also insert some audio file into any flash disk (maximum 32 GB) to play songs directly.

If you own an Android or iOS-based handset, you can even pair it with the head unit; transfer your contact list, then you can easily recognise who’s calling just by taking a glimpse onto the screen and take the call by pressing the button on the steering wheel.

Once you paired your Android phone, from the home screen go to the phone menu on the bottom right, then the head unit screen will transform into your phone screen. You can even make command by calling “OK Google” then ask for it to navigate your destination, or simply ask it to play a song.

It’s amazing how Wuling’s entertainment features can be really entertaining. But, of course it’s not enough just by reading this fun experience, you will need to experience it yourself to understand how worthy it is to drive a Wuling. Go to the nearest dealer around you for a test drive and let us know what you think. For Wuling means Drive for a Better Life!

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