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Healthy Living with Food Combining

20 November, 2017

Image Healthy Living with Food Combining

Many of you want to lose body weight but are already feeling bored and stressful with too many restrictions for foods. Want to keep a slim body without getting too overwhelmed with it? Try food combining. Food combining is a method of eating that is adjusted with body’s natural digestive system. The main purpose of food combining method is to make the body remain in neutral pH state between acid and alkaline. The key is to create a balance of chemical elements in the body, especially those related to digestive system. Food combining enables someone to change his or her body weight to normal by keep consuming foods as usual. Apart from that, food combining also empowers the function of digestive system by adjusting what to eat with the need of acid and alkaline in the body and natural body cycles in order to have a balanced body metabolism. However, some medical experts and nutritionists are still against food combining diet. The reason is because each food naturally contains all nutrients that are digested through the same digestive tract. Medical experts say that human digestive system is capable of digesting all of the nutrients at once, therefore sorting out certain kinds of food as practiced in food combining is considered irrational.

In order to satisfy your curiosity, let’s try practicing food combining. Here are some principles in food combining according to Erikar Lebang in his book Mitos dan Fakta Kesehatan (Myths and Facts about Health):

  1. Start your day with a breakfast full of fibrous, juicy fruits that got their sweet taste as they were tree-ripened. For instance, papaya and honeydew melon. If you want to eat banana and mango, it’s advisable that they are not the first fruits you consume in the morning. Consume fruits repetitively in the morning until before lunch time, because eating fruits makes your stomach full quickly but also makes you easily feel hungry.

  2. It is better to consume various fruits. Avoid alcoholic fruits like durian, jackfruit and cempedak (artocarpus integer) since they don’t have the criteria of good fruits suitable for morning consumption.

  3. Raw vegetables can substitute fruits when you are unable to get fruits. Why raw? When vegetables are cooked, their important minerals (from magnesium to calcium) are damaged easily. Through long process cooking (long exposure heating), vegetables turn into food that lose their enzymes.

  4. For lunch and dinner, according to food combining principles, the most proper combination is consuming animal protein and vegetables. Keep in mind that the vegetables have not been processed (with long exposure heating, for example).

  5. Have dinner before 08:00 p.m. According to circadian rhythm, after 08:00 p.m. to 04:00 a.m. human body is in the process of digesting eaten food. The body needs large energy to perform this task during the phase.

  6. Fresh fruits and vegetables are highly advisable for consumption, especially organic ones. But if you have difficulties in having organic fruits and vegetables, make sure to clean them all thoroughly before eating. Use fast-running water when cleaning fruits and vegetables.

  7. When practicing food combining, you don’t have to get too strict for the whole week. You can still have your cheating days, such as on Saturdays and Sundays.

Why do you have to eat fresh fruits for breakfast? During the hours between 04:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., the body eliminate by-products of metabolism from the body in the forms of faeces, urine, sweat and breath. The body need extra large energy to release those by-products every morning. In order to keep the releasing process running smoothly, it is advisable to choose foods that won’t burden digestive system, such as fruits. Fruits are naturally light, easily digested and have complete nutrition.

In food combining, there are suitable and unsuitable combinations for each food element. Here are the details:

  • Breakfast: drink warm water with lemon/lime juice to start the day and continue with fresh fruits or juice.

  • Lunch: animal protein and vegetables or plant protein and carbohydrate.

  • Dinner: animal protein and vegetables or plant protein and carbohydrate.

Why animal protein and carbohydrate are not ideal when they are combined? Carbohydrate requires amylase enzyme so that the body can absorb it well. Meanwhile, animal protein requires pepsin enzyme so that it can be digested. These two enzymes cannot work together at the same time. Amylase enzyme will stop working the moment pepsin enzyme is produced.

For that reason, the ideal menu for your lunch and dinner is: animal protein and vegetables or vegetables and carbohydrate. Those two combinations help your body to achieve neutral pH state. Food combining supports diet practice that optimizes the intake and absorption of nutrients by consuming only balanced foods at every meal time. The effects of consuming balanced foods include minimizing the amount of food residue and increasing body metabolism, thus digestive system and absorption of nutrients work well. Thereby, energy consumption in the body is more efficient. Healthy body condition, will make you more fit in driving . Healthy body condition, will make you more fit in driving. Enjoy your diet!

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