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How The Color of Your Car Reflects Your Personality

20 November, 2019

Image How The Color of Your Car Reflects Your Personality

Other than features, price, and comfort, color are one of the factors you usually take into account when buying a car. Although it depends on the preference of the owner, did you know that color also symbolizes the owner’s personality? Here are the most common colors used for cars and what they say about the characteristics of the owners.


Mobil Wuling Warna Putih

White is often associated with honesty and sincerity. If you have a white car, that means you have a taste for elegance and perfection. However, on the other hand, you’re also keen on a simple life.


Warna Hitam

Black cars are very common to be sold throughout the world. Black represents luxury and elegance, but it’s not flashy. If you like black colors, it’s likely that you like to always be in control.

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Warna Merah

Red cars are usually picked by those with full enthusiasm. The bright color symbolizes a friendly, aggressive, pleasant, and impulsive personality. If you own a red car, you may be an ambitious individual who works hard for your goal. Red also represents an agitated and extrovert characteristic.


4. Warna Abu Abu 1000x569

Gray and silver are usually used interchangeably, although both are apparently different. Those who like gray don’t really like anything flashy and the color symbolizes caution and compromise. You would rather live your life as it is rather than taking risks.


Warna Silver

Silver symbolizes something that is practical and innovative. If you drive a silver car, this might give the impression that you have a good taste and an understanding of business. On the other hand, the silver color can also disguise dirt on the car body, therefore it’s perfect if you’re a busy person. Most silver car enthusiasts enjoy the work that they’re doing and tend to be hardworking.

Unlike gray, the color silver has a metallic touch that symbolizes modernity. In turn, you could be seen as someone who is sophisticated and follows the latest trend when driving a silver car. Environmental psychologists say that silver color indicates a classy person.


If you choose a blue color, that means you are an optimistic, stable, honest, and peace-loving person. You like to be admired because of your confidence and wisdom. A blue color driven by a mom could symbolize a happy and stable family she has. This color also reflects a flamboyant, introspective, and sensitive person.


Someone could seem to be highly confident and not too concerned about other’s opinions when they drive a green car. Those who like green cars might not keep up with the latest trends and are often associated with nature. Usually, people with green cars are interested in natural scenery and like to fill their cars with environmentally friendly goods.

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If you own a beige or brown car, that might mean that you’re a humble, frugal, and honest person. However, you doesn’t hesitate to fight when you think there’s something that doesn’t feel quite right. You pick a car based on its function and durability, rather than the striking appearance. Those who like beige or brown color are also known to be simple and don’t bother to follow trends.


Yellow and gold represent happiness. If you own a car with either of these colors, you’re probably a person who lives by the phrase “Don’t worry, be happy” a.k.a you’re a happy go lucky person. Yellow also helps you to appear full of imagination, wise, have a good sense of humor, and is excellent in doing business.

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