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Integrated Control Experience: Ease of Settings in the Hand

12 April, 2019

Image Integrated Control Experience: Ease of Settings in the Hand

“We are changing world with technology.” – Bill Gates

Technology makes everything easy. Therefore, more advanced technology should make everyone easier to run or operate existing tools.

At Wuling, we always learn new things and then can be applied to become a new technology in a car. In addition to displaying technology that continues to develop in making cars, we continue to do this to facilitate users in terms of operations. The convenience offered through technology can be found in the Integrated Control feature.

You can find the Integrated Control on the Almaz interior which is designed with harmonization and an elegant interior style, precisely in the 10.4 “head-up display (HUD) that is attached to the car’s cabin. Through this head-up display, you can easily perform various vehicle settings such as entertainment, vehicle air conditioning, and vehicle settings.

Integrated Control for Entertainment Features

Integrated Control for Entertainment Features

Through centralized control, you can feel a pleasant driving sensation accompanied by your favorite songs with connection options from USB, Bluetooth, and AUX. The Bluetooth feature allows you to connect your smartphone and make hands-free calls. You can also use the Wuling Link feature to mirroring applications from your smartphone with a USB cable and Bluetooth.

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Integrated Control for Vehicle Air Conditioner Setting

Integrated Control for Vehicle Air Conditioner Setting

Not only that, to increase user comfort in setting the temperature in the vehicle cabin, Almaz also provides an easy arrangement of vehicle air conditioning through a head-up display. You can set the desired temperature and wind gusts practically without having to rotate or press the setting button. In addition, you can also close or open vehicle circulation, and get temperature information outside the vehicle.

Integrated Control for Vehicle Setting

Integrated Control for Vehicle Setting

In presenting full practicality for the driver, Almaz also provides vehicle settings through this head-up display, with various vehicle settings including settings in opening and closing the windshield, vehicle locking arrangements, vehicle light settings, wiper settings, and vehicle mirror settings.

In-vehicle door settings, you can choose a menu that consists of an enable door unlock to unlock all doors or the driver’s door, door auto-unlock to open the door automatically, door auto-lock to lock the door automatically when the car speed is above 10 km/hour.

For car lighting settings while you are driving, Almaz presents several setting options such as the light change that makes the lights turn on three times when you switch lanes, illuminated entry to turn on the interior lights when entering the car cabin with three duration options, and follow me home which is activation and headlight settings when the engine has been turned off to illuminate the road.

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Setting the car wiper through head-up display through the wiper maintenance menu which is also available at Almaz head-up displays. This feature allows you to position the wiper blade when cleaning.

The last setting is setting the car rearview mirror. With centralized control, you can activate or deactivate the function of folding the rearview mirror automatically when the car is locked.

Almaz not only gives you the best driving sensation with engine technology on the vehicle but also provides classy comfort through technology-laden features in the car’s cabin. Want to know more about Almaz? You can do a test drive by coming to the nearest Wuling dealer in your city.

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