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Keeping Cars Clean and Clear When Traveling With Kids

5 December, 2019

Image Keeping Cars Clean and Clear When Traveling With Kids

Keeping the car clean while traveling with children could be a challenge. Regardless of how old your child is, children tend to leave something behind when traveling by car. Whether it’s food wrappers, toys, or they could also just messing around with items stored in the car. In this case, the car being messy is inevitable.

However, you don’t need to worry too much. Some simple tips below can be followed to maintain the cleanliness of your car when traveling with children.

Cover The Car Seats

Lapisi Jok Mobil

The best way to keep your car seat from dirt is by covering it. You can cover it with cloth or plastic. Clothes are easier to lift, but you need to wash them to keep them clean. On the other hand, plastic covers are usually easier to clean.

Make A Trash Can in The Car

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If your regular car trash can is unable to accommodate the dirt and waste thrown by your children, prepare an empty basket and cover it with plastic. This plastic-lined basket could later be used as a mini trash can while you travel with your little ones.

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Carry Wet Tissues

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Children of all ages are usually curious about something. They like to hold anything that sparks their interest even though their hands are dirty after holding food or drinks. It is recommended, therefore, that you carry wet wipes in the car. That way, if there are traces of food or drinks attached to the dashboard of the car from your child’s hand, for example, you can immediately clean them.

Vacuum Your Car Diligently

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If you often travel with children, you should vacuum regularly so that the interior of your car remains clean. Moreover, sometimes we don’t realize there is some dirt left on the carpet, and this is why vacuuming would be very handy when cleaning your car.

You could also carry a small portable vacuum cleaner so that you can store it in the car. Whenever you need a little cleaning, therefore, you can use it, especially when traveling with children on a trip.

Stop At The Rest Area

Berhenti di Rest Area

To keep your children amused during a trip, you might want to stop as much as possible if you find a rest area. You can also take a break before continuing your trip. In addition to that, you could also use this time to tidy up the car cabin and emptying the trash can. That way, your children are comfortable and the car remains clean.

Make Use of The Car Compartment

Memanfaatkan Kompartemen Mobil

Carrying items when traveling with children would require extra space in the car. Not all cars, unfortunately, have that many spacious cabin and compartments. If your car is small, of course, this could be quite a hassle.

You will not need to feel worried, however, about the lack of space in the car cabin when driving a Wuling Cortez. Cortez has a spacious cabin and many compartments, so you can carry and store lots of items needed during your trip with your children. You can store your baby’s belongings in the compartment. In this case, all the necessities of your child can be carried with you, the car stays clean, and hence the trip remains pleasant.

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