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Make It Shine or Not?

29 January, 2018

Image Make It Shine or Not?

For most car owners, looking shiny and clean is the first and foremost. Especially if the car one owns is of an older production year, but they want to keep it looking new. So, wherever one goes, the car will always be on the spotlight. Has any of you ever polished your car?

The polishing technique is normally called auto-detailing. There are a few steps for the families of Wuling to pay attention to before doing this technique, whether by yourselves or with the help of a professional, i.e.:

  1. Washing

Of course this is the first step to make your car looking clean. Imagine all the dust and rain and other chemical waste hitting your car and make it look dull. But, remember, even washing needs to be conducted in the right technique using the right tools, once you got it wrong, the outer look of the car will even be worse. Don’t use any soap carelessly, but look for the particular shampoo for your car so the paint quality will stay maintained.

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  1. Paint correction

When your car hits the street, there are many things hitting it too from all over the place; the UV light from the sun, the rain, the gravels, the twigs and tree branches, even other drivers around you who drive carelessly. And then when you take a closer look there’s already cut on the paint here and there, or due to oxidation of the chemical substance from the rain and the salt will make it look dull It is in this stage where you need the help of a professional to do compounding, polishing, as well as glazing.

The main purpose is to make your car’s paint to stay bright and protect the metal element from corroding. Through all three techniques, the paint on your car will be coated and beautified to make it look shiny and attractive.

  1. Protection

After the paint is corrected, then the display will look brighter, but that is not enough, because the paint coating is yet to be protected. Then, what is the best way or the advised protection for your Wuling car? Wax or sealant is the most common substance used to seal your car, but also the tires and your wind shield and windows, so that dust can be repelled. Now, car paint protection services will offer you a new kind of protection, that is nano ceramic coating. The difference lies on the quality; while wax or sealant may protect the paint in only a few months, then nano ceramic coating may give extra protection for more than a year.

The function is stronger and could give the hydrophobic effect (like the surface of a taro leaf, it may repel water), thicker protection may guard the paint from natural acid such as chemical substance and salt from the rainfall, and of course protect it from the UV ray that may cause oxidation on your car’s surface. With the advancement of technology, now there is a new type of coating called clear bra—this is a form of plastic film that safeguards the surface of your car paint from the possibility of small cut and gravels, but it is quite expensive.

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  1. Maintenance

This kind of maintenance must always be conducted regularly, so if you happen to own a car make sure to make a bonding time with it at your favourite car-wash and auto detailing. Usually what they do at the auto detailing service for maintenance is giving a last touch effect and another paint correction if needed. Normally, once in every six months is the minimum period to make a visit to the auto detailing service.

All these maintenances will require not a small amount of money, obviously, so be sure to gather as much information you need from around you on the alternative service spots for car-wash and auto-detailing (there are those that provide a one-stop solution) that are not only affordable but also informative on what you need in regards to your car maintenance. Keep polishing that car of yours, so your Wuling five diamonds will shine brighter!

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