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Nurturing A Child’s Hobby

19 May, 2018

Image Nurturing A Child’s Hobby

Some kid’s hobbies can be as cheap as making slime gooey, but some can be as expensive as riding a horse or even speeding on a circuit. As parents, it is our duty to understand what our children’s need in order to help them grow their potential as early as possible. Some might not even show any interest at all in any specific skill until you introduce them to the right activity at the right time.

Introducing your kids to outdoor activities involving their motoric skills is at the same time helping them to be more active physically and socially, thus it becomes an important phase of their growth. This will also help them to learn how to build their strategic thinking in their early lives, such as how to do it properly or how to win the competition. Granted some of today’soutdoor sports take a great deal of investment, but wouldn’t it be the joy of you as the parents when they could be somebody as they grow up?

Take Rio Haryanto as an example. His parents own a business in the paper industry since 1976, but he is not known for being the next successor for the family business, but instead he is highly regarded as the country’s top racer amongst boys in his age. He began his love of automotive in a very early age and has won the national Go-kart championship in 2002, or when he was only 9 years old. The last thing we know, he was recruited by Manor Racing team to compete in the world’s most renowned car racing championship—the Formula 1. The brothers Ananda Mikola and Moreno did not just pop up in the racing scene as champions. Their father, Tinton Soeprapto, gave the influence to the boys since they were very young. Both have participated and won the Asian Formula 3 back in 2004 and 2005.

Riding horses is also a challenging sport, because it takes a lot of guts, grace, and agility to ride on the back of this strong creature.But, did you know some of the nation’s famous equestrians are women? Larasati was an acclaimed model in the ‘90’s, but eventually fell in love with horse-riding and changed course to being an athlete. Another TV beauty who also took this sport up as a hobby is Nabila Syakieb. Although she doesn’t do it professionally, but she regularly goes to the stable to practice riding her own horse.

Neither horse-riding nor car-racing require a small amount of money; Rio had to pay Manor IDR229 billion to be able to compete for the team at F1, while purchasing a racehorse can cost you between IDR50 million to roughly 1 billion, depending on the breed and physical features. Not to mention the regular maintenance cost you always have to arrange. After all, this shouldn’t deter you from keep introducing some nice and highly active, practical, and advantageous hobbies for your kids. Who knows they might be the country’s next aeroplane engineer after Mr. B. J. Habibie?

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