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Pursue the Success as Indonesian Youths

28 October, 2018

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First coined in, at that time, Batavia on 27—28 October 1928 by the Second Youth Congress, the Youth Pledge contained an affirmation of the ideals of the young people at that time for a unified Indonesia. Then since 1959, every October 28 is designated as the anniversary of the Youth Pledge.

This congress brought together various representatives of the organization including Jong Java, Jong Batak, Jong Celebes, Jong Sumatranen Bond, Jong Islamieten Bond, PemoedaKaoem Betawi, Jong Ambon with the same goal of uniting Indonesia, not only the youths, but also the whole country. The following is the contents using the original spelling (spelling van Ophuysen):

 We, the sons and daughters of Indonesia, admit as one country, the nation of Indonesia.
We, the sons and daughters of Indonesia, honour the uniting language, the language of Indonesian.
Now this historic event has been enshrined at the Youth Pledge Museum located in the PPI Secretariat Building Jl. Kramat Raya 106 Central Jakarta. Including the national anthem, Indonesia Raya, the labour of Wage Rudolf Soepratman, which we still proudly sing today at state events, as well as on Independence Day. If the pledge and song are a manifestation of the pride of the youth in expressing, affirming, and realizing Indonesia’s independence, then how will it be realized today?

With a population exceeding 266 million per year in 2018, Indonesia should be a strong nation. There are so many means of channeling talent and expression that we, as young people today, can continue to push the spirit of the Youth Pledge and fill Indonesia’s independence; participating in talent search; dedicating our energy and intelligence to becoming teachers and lecturers in rural Indonesian areas who have not been introduced with education; serving underprivileged families throughout the country with our medical skills and expertise; provide advocacy assistance for the people of Indonesia who are not aware with laws, and so on.

One of Wuling’s important agenda when arriving in this country is also to improve the quality of its citizens. By recruiting more than 3,000 Indonesian employees stationed in all sectors of the company—from cleaning service, technicians who are experts in the factory, up to the levels of management and executive positions, which is certainly very important for Wuling in developing its business in Indonesia. Through the work system and programs run by the company, Wuling continues hoping to be able to play a role in shaping Indonesian youths with strong characters and skills that are expected to be of benefit to themselves and the surrounding community.

Keep moving forward with Wuling for a better life. Let’s drive for a better life!
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