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Refrain from These 6 Bad Driving Habits

17 April, 2018

Image Refrain from These 6 Bad Driving Habits

When driving on the road, you either want to arrive in your destination as fast as you could or you simply drive fast to avoid being trapped in a congested traffic during rush hours. But, rushing or not, we always want to drive comfortably, and for that Wuling got your back. But, when driving you often lose focus or you are simply a regular rule-breaker. Our advice is pretty simple: don’t!

We already have a number of safety features installed in our products to help prevent any unwanted accident while driving, but in the end the control is always in your hands-and feet. To support our cause in safe driving, we have listed 6 of the most common bad habits when driving, and some may cause you harm.

1. Disobedience to the Traffic Light

We have learned how to read the traffic lights as early as the 4 th grade in elementary school. In addition to safe driving practice, we think this is also a way to train yourself to be patient, remember that we are sharing the road with everyone else, so everyone has his turn to move.

But, it becomes so often that drivers-both motorcycles and cars rev up the engine when the light turns yellow from green. When vehicles crash one into another, all parties are on the loose ends. To prevent that from happening, please obey the traffic lights; move only when it’s green, slow down when it’s yellow, and make a stop behind the zebra cross when it’s red. Those stripes are painted to make way for pedestrians crossing the road.

2. Excessive Attachment to Gadgets

These days gadgets are ubiquitous. Even a person may own more than one; one on his hand, the other strapped on his arm, the other creates a floating effect on the head unit. Alas, danger always lurks behind our back. If you need to check on your smartphone for some important notification, place it on a holder attached to the windshield or dashboard.

But, when there is no urgency, please always put in inside your bag or on the storage near the gearshift and stay focused on the road. When you are distracted by your phone, the first worst thing that could happen is you crash your car, and the second worst thing is that a thief may quickly snatch your phone away from your grip. Either way, there is nothing good coming out of holding on to your smartphone all the time.

3. The Decoyof Blindspots

There is an important purpose to why vehicle manufacturers invented the rear-view mirror on each side of the car. This is to always make the drivers alert whenever another car is trying to move into the other lane, so that you may keep your own driving pace and speed. When you can’t see it, that’s when the blindspot shows up. This also happens when you want to make a turn, either to the right or left. When you are on a two-way road, stay on course inside your lane when making a turn.

Never make an abrupt turn to the left when you are on the middle or right lane of the road as you might put other drivers in danger. When you are on an intersection, always square off before making a turn, the blindspot is there-always be prepared for another car coming in your direction, so always set a good turning angle to prevent your car from blocking the others in front or behind you.

4. Not Knowing the Meaning of the Lines

Every line you see on the road contains its own meaning that adheres to the traffic law. For example, when you see a solid white line in the middle of the road, that means drivers are not allowed to cross the other cars in front and he must stay on his own lane. When the lines are broken, drivers are allowed to change lanes, but of course only when the situation is safe to do so.

5. Wrong Signal to Turn on

Sadly, there are cases where people are yet to understand the function of the turning signal lamp. There are circulating memes showing that ‘ emak-emak’ (a pejorative term for domestic housewives) always turn on the wrong lamp when making a turn, because they thought it was supposed to tell the drivers behind them where to turn instead of herself. Please read the following sentence carefully: when you want to turn left, turn on the left-hand side of the turning signal lamp, and vice versa when you want to go right.

6. Speeding

This is a common issue people experience everywhere. Always remember that you are sharing the road with million other drivers in the country, so always drive under the advised speed to prevent yourself and the others from popping out the airbags from their shell. When you really need the speed, there’s always a circuit for that.

Real comfort can only be experienced when safety is put into consideration while driving. Strap your seatbelt on, put your feet on the ready, then drive carefully and responsibly. Love your family as much as Wuling loves you.

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