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Safe Workout for Your Heart

21 November, 2017

Image Safe Workout for Your Heart

You probably have heard about a person who had heart attack or stroke while or after a workout. What are actually the tips for choosing a safe workout for your heart?

In order to be able to work out without jeopardizing the health of your heart, the most important thing to do is to always monitor your heart rate. According to Ismoyo Sunu, a physician specializing in heart and blood vessels, to estimate a safe heart rate during a workout is through the formula “220-your age”. For instance, your age is 40 years. 220 subtracted by 40 is 180. Then, 80% of 180 is 144, meaning that your maximum heart rate should be 144 beats per minute. Therefore, it is advisable that you use heart rate monitoring equipment during a workout. You can also check your pulse on the inside of your wrist before and after working out. When you hit the maximum figure, it’s better for you to stop working out gradually and take a rest for a while.

In order for you to prepare body condition before working out, you must warm up. The purpose is to prevent unwanted events, such as injury or even recurring heart attack. A healthy workout requires at least three phases:

  1. Warm-up phase

    Start a workout with a warm up for about 5-10 minutes. Warming up can be done by stretching and other activities to increase heart rate. This phase is highly important in order to have the body conditioned for working out and also to prevent injury.

  2. Workout phase

    The next is working out phase. Choose a safe workout for your heart. Exercising should only be done between 30-45 minutes. Exercise only after warming up so that your body won’t have any shock.

  3. Cool-down phase

    Cooling down takes about 5-10 minutes after working out. It can be done with light moves in low intensity in order to regain strength after exercising. Cooling down is needed to return the body to its normal condition.

The following are some relatively safe workouts for you who have problems with heart:

  • Walking

    This workout is the safest for anybody. This exercise is light and won’t make your heart exhausted, but it can help your body trained to do daily activities.

  • Fast walking or jogging

    It’s similar with walking, but it requires extra effort and energy. This workout moves many areas around your feet, thus narrow blood vessels become wider. The ones that are clogged are then opened, creating new blood vessels. Consequently, bloodstream flows smoothly and eventually heart functions better.

  • Aerobic exercise

    It’s still a safe exercise for those who suffer from heart diseases. It is safe because it doesn’t give too much tension on muscles. Moreover, each aerobic move can be done effortlessly, there’s no need to be in a hustle.

  • Meditation or yoga

    Both of these exercises are aimed at the same purpose, which is to regulate breathing and concentration. Meditation or yoga practitioners can flex your muscles, decrease blood pressure, relieve your breath, make you feel relaxed and bring you to peacefulness. Do this exercise with experienced instructor to give you better result.

  • Bicycling

    Bicycling is relatively easy to do but requires quite large energy. Choose location with normal road condition, not an extreme place that will force your heart to work harder. Opt for average speed and consider about the safety of your body and heart.

  • Swimming

    This exercise can accelerate heart rate and make it function normally.

People with heart diseases like you don’t need to worry about working out. Choose proper exercise to keep a fit, healthy body. If you are a person who actively drives a car, heart health should be a concern. It will be fatal if you have a heart attack while driving. Not only harm yourself, but also others. Check your heart condition regularly for a better driving experience and do not forget to do exercise regularly. Have fun working out!


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