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Some Grounds to Live Independently

22 April, 2018

Image Some Grounds to Live Independently

When was the first time you finally tried living on your own? Some may say it was during the second year of their university lives, some may even admit it was only when they first get their job or once they were married that they did so. Honestly, these days, it is not uncommon to meet a young eligible bachelor/bachelorette already make a good living and be on their own.

It maybe scary at first, but then you understand that you just have to manage. Put everything in the order of priority that suits you, buy things that you need for your daily life, fulfilling your career objectives just to be more and more successful. One thing that you have to understand and in this case for everyone around you to also understand-is that, like it or not, living independently is an inevitable choice. Take it as a practice before you go on becoming a single, successful executive or a married couple and set up your own life as a little family.

Here are a few things to keep your grounds while trying to make life out of your own:


Investment is a huge deal. And apparently, it’s not always about the money; keep your friends close and your enemies closer. This is a very powerful adage as we are a social being who can’t live on our own-we need to socialize every now and then. Friends are a good investment since they are the ones who keep giving you helpful advice-even the hardcore truth, sometimes.

When you’re down, they will be the ones to cheer you up. While enemies, well, they are the ones who will be totally honest with you hence keeping you to improve yourself. And you may never know that one of them might be really good at reading the market and provide you with insightful guidance on what property to buy as an investment.

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When you are in a stage of life where you are seriously building your professional career, you would want to limit the amount of drama circling around you. The size of your circle of friends is reduced to a minimal, probably limit the emotional attachment to your family to a weekend visit only as you are busy keeping up with the work-load at the office. Learning what the enemy/competitor is doing and telling yourself you can be better, be it for yourself or the company.

Necessity v. Desires

So, you think you are more successful than how you were last year. You are proud of yourself for being able to save up despite a large amount of cash you have invested for a roof over your head. What do I buy? A trendy smartphone is, of course, a no-brainer. So, you went to an automotive fair, and start thinking which model would compliment your current social status.

A brand definitely speaks for itself, but then you think the cabin might not put your family in comfort throughout the journey for a big family gathering; the legroom on the third row is to cramped, your brother won’t like it if he hit his head while getting inside the car because he’s too tall.

All these considerations and you are still putting your family a priority in one of your life’s decisions. So, you decide to go with Cortez, because you know your friends will like it too when you take them for a trip together.

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Ultimately, you only need to be brave and brace yourself for life’s unexpected journey and surprises. Family and friends are a treasure that you would always want to hold on to for the rest of your life. And when those are set, you can tell yourself that you are ready to drive for a better life.

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