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Strolling Around Soetta Airport Comfortably with Almaz RS

22 July, 2021

Image Strolling Around Soetta Airport Comfortably with Almaz RS

Almaz RS is the latest Wuling SUV variant that has an elegant design and advanced technology features. This high-tech car is provided by Wuling to answer the community needs thanks to its best specifications and features that enable more different and attractive driving style.

On this occasion, Wira Nurmansyah, a travel blogger, had the opportunity to try the Almaz RS feature while strolling around Soekarno Hatta airport. Check out his review below.

Getting Impressed of My Wuling+ Application

Puas dengan Aplikasi My Wuling+

The first thing that impressed Wira was the My Wuling+ application which has very complete features. First of all there is a Vehicle Positioning feature which allows car owners to know the position of the car. So if the car is stolen, the car owner can find out the position of the car without having to install an additional GPS device.

In addition, Wira also tried the Vehicle Remote Control application which helped him to start the car and turn on the air conditioner only through the application. Even in the middle of the trip, Wira could simply activate the GPS feature through the application which then appears automatically on the head unit. This is the first thing that impressed Wira before starting the journey.

Enjoying Panoramic Sunroof

Menikmati Panoramic Sunroof

The next thing that caught Wira’s attention was when he tried the Panoramic Sunroof feature on the Almaz RS. This feature has a size of 0.82 m2, which can be considered as the largest size in its class. 70% of the Almaz roof consists of the Panoramic Sunroof glass, hence providing a more outward view. The view from the rear seat is even the same as that of the front and middle seats!

Parking Easily with 360° Parking Camera

Kamera Parkir 360° Bikin Mudah Parkir

The parking camera with the 360° Cam feature installed on the head unit is also a distinct advantage as it eases the driver to park in a narrow area. This feature was proven by Wira when he was about to get out of the parking lot of his house to the airport. The condition of the roads around the car can be seen clearly, making it easier to park or take out the car easily. Pretty interesting isn’t it?

Driving More Attentively with WISE

Menyetir Lebih Fokus dengan WISE

As a car that puts forward a smart ecosystem in driving, the My Wuling+ application is not the only smart thing found in the Almaz RS. Wuling also provides a touch of the latest WISE technology that supports Indonesian voice commands. So that when driving, Wira can comfortably turn on the radio without having to interact with the head unit too much.

Feeling Secure with the Safety Guarding

Safety Guard

Of all the technological advantages that Wira felt when he first tried the Almaz RS, it was the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) feature that impressed him the most. By activating this feature, the car can run semi-autonomously without him having to step on the gas pedal. This feature is considered quite interesting as it can make the driver not have to step on the gas pedal continuously, especially when driving long distances on toll roads.

Other Safety Guarding features that make Wira comfortable when driving are Bend Cruise Assistance (BCA), Traffic Jam Assistance (TJA), and Intelligent Cruise Assistance (ICA) which allow Almaz RS to give an automatic reaction when the car in front slows down or turns automatically. When road conditions are not too good, the sensor will also give a signal to Wira to take over the steering wheel so that the trip remains safe.

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