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Sunroof – Classy ala Cortez

12 February, 2018

Image Sunroof – Classy ala Cortez

In the past, sunroof feature was only available for luxury cars, now such luxury can be owned and felt by all level of societies. Sunroof is a glass panel located on the roof of the car, exactly above the front seats. There are two different mechanisms; one that can be opened manually and one that is powered by electrical motor. In the earliest time, the sunroof feature was created to provide cool air for passengers along the journey, so whenever a breeze is needed, just open it.

The first car company to make this feature was Nash Motor Company in 1937, there have been so many other car brands that offer this feature afterwards and most are quite luxurious cars such as sedans or limousine. Jumping 81 years later, now in 2018 Wuling Motors offers this feature in its newest series, Cortez, because Wuling wants to offer a quite luxurious choice that can be experienced by fans of this Cikarang-made MPV. However, if you still do not understand or are not familiar with the function of sunroof, please run through some of this interesting information.

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Function of the Sunroof

As we all know, sunroof can be utilised as an alternative feature for air circulation. While the air inside the cabin is too stuffy, it can be useful to help air circulation as an addition to the windows. In the middle of the journey, if we want to turn off the air conditioner and want to feel the cool natural breeze, one just need to press the button then the air circulation will run more smoothly and the fresh breeze of the air can be felt filling the entire cabin space. However, of course we also need to be alert with sand or dust particles that may also fly in.

Maintenance for Cars with Sunroof

When we need fresh air through the sunroof, understand that we do not have to open it up wide. Be aware of the situation around; when you are in the middle of packed traffic of course you do not want pollution from exhaust fumes to enter the cabin space. If you’re around sandy roads or beaches, you can open the sunroof panel just a little to limit the possibility of the amount of sand or dust coming into the cabin area.

Not only to the interior surface of the car, but the threat of sand is also likely to interfere with the function of the panel, because the size of the very small sand particle can clog this sunroof panel seams. The best way, of course, is to diligently wash the car and clean the seams in this sunroof panel area. Rubber and electric motor joints should also be diligently checked and maintained.

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What is fun about the sunroof provided in the Cortez series is the passengers do not directly in contact with the sun, because the sunroof panel is equipped with a layer cover that can be opened manually or using the automatic button. To make sure you can have the Cortez series to your liking-whether with or without a sunroof, immediately visit the nearest dealer in your city to get the fullest information before deciding to buy the appropriate Cortez of your choice. The new choice of MPV is finally here!

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