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The Elegant Interior Design of Confero S for Family Comfort

23 December, 2019

Image The Elegant Interior Design of Confero S for Family Comfort

The interior of cars is no less important than the exterior appearance. Therefore, before buying a car, you also need to take into account its interior design. For those with large family members who often travel with much luggage, they will certainly pick a spacious and comfortable cabin car.

One option for a family car with a roomy and spacious cabin is the Wuling Confero S ACT. The Wuling Confero S ACT, released in July 2019, has spacious interior spaces and is specifically designed to provide a comfortable driving experience.

With dimensions of 4,530 mm in length, 1,691 mm in width, and 1,730 mm in height (with roof rails), this makes the cabin spacious even up to the third row, thereby leaving family feels comfortable during their trip with this car.

Black Interior Designs

Interior Wuling Confero S Berbalut Dominasi Warna Hitam 

In addition to the aforementioned designs, the interior appearance of the latest Wuling Confero S is also more elegant since it is dominated by black color. The black design covers the overall interior of the latest model of Wuling Confero S from its dashboard to the details on the door trim.

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The car interior design looks even more luxurious and sporty at the same time as the seats are wrapped with semi-leather covers that use red stitches. The seats also are equipped with seat adjusters so passengers can adjust their position, making the traveling experience more comfortable. On top of that, the Captain Seat feature also adds to the exclusive look and feel of the Wuling Confero S.

The Luxurious Look of The Dashboard

Interior Wuling Confero S yang diimplementasikan pada Dashboard

The appearance of luxury and elegance of the dashboard is also very visible. The design details embed a modern. Moreover, a head unit system with an 8-inch screen touch screen, a modern meter cluster display, and a classic clock embedded between the air conditioners on the dashboard scream a luxury car.

Interior Features That Provide Passenger Comfort

Fitur Interior Wuling Confero S yang Nyaman

Still concerning its interior, Wuling equips the latest model of Confero S with the Lamp Height Adjuster feature. This feature allows the car to adjust the height of the headlights so that other drivers from the opposite direction don’t feel dazzled. When traveling a long distance, you don’t need to worry about running out of phone battery during the drive. A USB charger system is available up to the third line.

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Concerning the air conditioners, there are dual blowers that keep the cabin space cool. Even the air conditioner in the back is available to increase comfort for the passenger, thereby you don’t need to worry about feeling warm when sitting at the back.

Those are the description of the elegant interior design of the latest Confero S. Surely you and your family will enjoy spending a long time in this car. Your long journey won’t feel cramped or boring, thanks to the combination of a spacious cabin and its luxurious design.

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