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The Function of DRL Lights In Cars

16 July, 2021

Image The Function of DRL Lights In Cars

Currently Daytime Running Light (DRL) has been widely used in new cars to improve driving safety, not only for yourself but also for other road users. However, it seems that not all car drivers understand how to use DRL lights correctly. As a result, these features cannot be optimized and in fact create new problems, as it is quite common for people to use DRL as the main light or even the other way around.

So, how to optimize daily use of DRL lights? Read this down below.

The Difference Between LED and DRL Lights

Beda Lampu LED dan DRL

Before discussing DRL lights, we will first discuss the differences between LED lights, which are commonly used as main lights, and DRLs. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode which is typically used as main lights.

On the other hand, DRL or  Daytime Running Light is specially designed to turn on continuously as the car engine is running. Its main purpose is for safety while you are driving, but it is also to beautify the exterior appearance of the car.

You can see the difference between the two in their function. The DRL lights that are active when the car engine is running serve to signal other road users, while the LED lights are used as the main lights that provide better lighting.

DRL Light Function

Fungsi Lampu DRL

DRL lights are usually white LED lights that have the basic function of making your car easier to spot on, hence making other road users notice your car better. These lights will usually turn off automatically when the driver turns on the main lights at night.

The DRL light beam is not too bright so it is not recommended for use at night, but it is effective enough to increase visibility when the day is getting late, or when it rains with light to moderate intensity. When visibility begins to be limited, the driver should immediately change the DRL lamp to the main light.

With the DRL light activated during your driving, it is hoped that other road users will find it easy to spot the presence of your car. For example, when other road users are about to overtake, the DRL light emitting from your car will make it easier to identify the whereabouts of the car you are using.

According to a study conducted by the Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC) in Europe, DRL lights have proven to be very effective in reducing the number of accidents because cars become more easily noticed by other road users. This is because the main lights are not used all the time by the driver.

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So, make  sure to always use the right DRL lights for everyone’s safety on the road!

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