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The Latest Almaz Variant: Comes With Voice Command Technology and 7 Seater

25 July, 2019

Image The Latest Almaz Variant: Comes With Voice Command Technology and 7 Seater

The new variant of Wuling comes with the features of WIND (Wuling Indonesian Command), which is Indonesian voice command technology and a 7-seater option is an offering from Wuling Motors for Indonesia, while celebrating the second year of Wuling Motors’ contribution in exposing the automotive business in Indonesia.

Voice Command in Indonesian Language

Voice Command in Indonesian Language

This new Almaz variant is wrapped in the Smart & Technology SUV concept. As mentioned earlier, one of its main features is WIND, which became the first voice command technology in Indonesian. In addition, there is also a choice of 7 seat configuration.

The WIND feature is embedded in the Almaz head unit which has the same spec as its predecessor series, which is a 10.4-inch touch screen. This interactive voice command allows you to turn on, turn off, or operate various vehicle features, such as air conditioners, windows, and panoramic sunroofs.

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Not only that, you can also use this feature to access a variety of entertainment such as music or radio, make phone calls, run applications contained in the head unit, such as Wuling Link or TPMS, increase or decrease the volume, and know the current date and time.

Cabin Interior with 7 Seater

Cabin Interior with 7 Seater

Besides the WIND feature, Almaz also comes with a different interior. This time, the Almaz interior is made into a 7-seater. With this interior design, the latest variant Almaz certainly has more space and is capable of carrying more passengers. The 7-seater embedding on the latest Wuling Almaz is a form of Wuling’s commitment in answering questions and requests from consumers who have asked Wuling several times to present an SUV with a 7-seater format. This is also a form of our dedication in serving customers.

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There are many other things that you should know about the latest Almaz variant. For those of you who want to get closer to the latest and classy SUV from Wuling, you can try it yourself through a test drive by coming to the nearest Wuling dealer in your city, or applying for a test drive through the My WULING+ application that you can download on your smartphone. With Wuling, let’s Drive For A Better Life!

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