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Things to Consider Before Modifying a Car

2 March, 2020

Image Things to Consider Before Modifying a Car

There are various reasons as to why one would want to modify his/her car. Some may want to do it to increase their car performance, and others simply want to upgrade the car’s appearance.

Of course, you can modify your car for anything you want. But, keep in mind that over-modification can bring about some consequences. To avoid missteps, we have picked here a couple of things to consider before doing a car modification.

Modification Can Void The Car Warranty

A car warranty is guaranteed by the manufacturer so that your car is taken care of. The warranty can be claimed periodically, such as when you change oil or when the car is damaged. In those cases, you do not need to pay since it is still guaranteed by the manufacturer.

However, please note that damage can not be covered by the warranty if the car has been modified. Damage may occur because you replace certain parts that are not compatible with the car. It can also be that the modification itself has done carelessly.

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Modifications Can Potentially Harm You

Modifications that involve electrification can danger your safety on the road, especially if the position of the car’s cable is changed improperly. It is not impossible is the electrified features may not work. There are plenty of cases that make a car catch fire due to modification, especially with the audio system.

You Car Performance May Decrease

You probably want to complain when your car performance is not in accord with what the manufacturer claims. However, this may be because of the modification that you do. This is somewhat ironic since many people modify their cars to improve their performance. Contrary to this belief, modifications can reduce car performance, though.

Modifications Cost A Lot of Money

Indeed, you need to pay to have your car’s appearance modified. You may even need to dig deep into your pocket for some modifications. Changing the rim, for instance, although it looks trivial is not cheap.

Car Modification Is A Lengthy Process

Modifying a car cannot be done quickly, but rather it is a long and continuous process. For example, upgrading the suspension, installing sport-theme seats, or adding a turbo, all require a lengthy procedure.  You may need to go back and forth to the car repair shop to have the modification that you desire. Modifying a car in a rush can be dangerous because it may potentially lead to some mistakes.

Choose A Repair Shop With A Good Reputation

Do not be careless in choosing a repair shop. Do your research and choose one that is experienced and has a big name so that you can avoid risking your safety on the road.

There are several car models with good default conditions that are suitable for modification so that you can upgrade their look. For instance, the Wuling Almaz has a fierce look when you first buy it. Modifying its exterior a bit can make the Wuling Almaz look even more manly and fierce. On the other hand, you do not need to modify the interior part since it looks elegant and luxurious already.

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