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9 Tips For Idul Fitri Homecoming Trip With Little Children

20 June, 2017

Image 9 Tips For Idul Fitri Homecoming Trip With Little Children

Mudik or Idul Fitri homecoming exodus has become a tradition in Indonesia. Various options for transportation are available, ranging from planes to private cars. Massive traffic jams during mudik trip require homecoming goers to have patience and special tricks so that mudik ritual can run smoothly and fun. That can be challenging if you have little children. Taking children for a long distance trip can be quite troublesome, especially if this is your first long trip experience with them.

Every family should pay attention to these matters when they decide to go for a mudik trip with little children:

1. Health check-up for children

Prior to going for a mudik trip, it’s better to have a health check-up for your little loved ones.There’s nothing wrong to ask for opinion from you trustworthy pediatrician. If there are indications of unpleasant health condition, it’s better for you to reconsider your mudik trip schedule.

2. Bring standard first aid kits and medicines

You can include paracetamol, cajuput oil, plaster, and iodine solution in the list of things thatyou must bring. They are not often used, but standard medicines will really help relieving a child’s pain in case of sickness.

3. Take comfortable clothes

Parents should consider about clothes for their little children, especially if those clothes are the ones that they will wear during the whole trip. Choose clothes that are made from materials that support good perspiration, with smooth texture and not so much embellishment. Clothes should be easy for changing. This is to make things simple for you in case your little children instantaneously vomit or pee.

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4. Bring jacket and blanket

Never forget to bring jacket, sweater or blanket. This is important especially when the trip is for a quite long distance. Whether traveling by private car or public transportation, bringing clothes that keep your little children warm is very necessary. You wouldn’t want they catch a cold during the trip, would you?

5. Separate some clothes and children’s equipments in a little bag

Bringing a separate little bag is a must when you take children along in a trip, especially if you have a toddler or baby. This little bag must be sufficient to include all children’s necessity during mudik trip. Clean clothes, small towel, eucalyptus oil, cajuput oil and pampers must be placed in the bag. The purpose is so that you won’t get too chaotic when your little children need to change clothes.

6. Bring toys

Your children’s favorite toys can help keeping them calm during the trip. Take toys that are easy to be brought. And they should really be your children’s favorite, because being away from favorite toys will easily make your little children cranky.

7. Bring snack and drinks

Choose foods that provide sufficient calories, won’t spoil easily, and serviceable. You may opt for bread, biscuits, and fruits. The most important thing is to make sure that your child’s stomach is not empty. An empty stomach leads to a decreasing immunity, which will eventually make a little child prone to diseases. It’s even worse if you take public transportation, where you probably meet with other passengers who are sick and unintentionally infect your little children. Apart from0 food, you must keep your little loved ones hydrated. Although water and drinks make your baggage heavy, bringing them will keep your little children away from dehydration.

8. Make sure the safety and comfortableness

Having proper transportation vehicle will help providing comfort for your little children during the trip. The checklists include safety, cleanliness and comfortableness for the whole trip. If you feel the vehicle is not proper enough, do not hesitate to cancel your trip.

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9. Learn how to give emergency child care and first aid

Learn about how to give standard emergency child care and first aid. This may start from how to handle open wound, how to relieve baby from chocking, to how to give gentle massage, so that you can stay calm if your baby or toddler suddenly gets hurt and able to give immediate necessary response.

Whenever you feel hesitation and unprepared to go for an Idul Fitri mudik trip with your little children, it is advisable for you to postpone the plan for another time. And for those of you who have already gained confidence to go for the mudik trip, make sure to keep your little children always healthy so that they will be in perfect health condition when the time for the trip has come.

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