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Tips for Starting an Expedition Service with Private Car

19 October, 2021

Image Tips for Starting an Expedition Service with Private Car

Along with the rapid development of online business in Indonesia, of course, many business opportunities become available. Not only online businesses are in demand by the Indonesian people, but expedition services are also very promising and growing very fast.

During the rising demand for online business, the delivery service business has a very important role. However, creating a successful expedition business is not an easy matter, because many strategies need to be implemented.

Own a Private Car

Punya Mobil Pribadi

When you have a private car and want to use it to be more productive, you can open an expedition service. You can maximize any type of private car because expedition services are very flexible.

Basically, the main requirement in opening an expedition service is to have your own vehicle, because renting someone else’s vehicle will require a very large cost. The car will be used to pick up and deliver goods.

Not only do you need to have a private car, but you also need to determine the area of service and how wide the operational range will be. You can determine your needs for a vehicle or car type by knowing the extent of your business range.

Select Service Type

Pilih Jenis Layanan

In opening an expedition business, of course, you are also faced with the choice of the type of service that suits your desires and abilities. For instance, among others, you can choose between documents, food, or large goods delivery service.

Food delivery services are one type that is now in high demand in Indonesia,  due to the proliferation of marketplaces and food delivery applications. Meanwhile, cargo expedition services are one of the fastest-growing expedition services as well within the country. By determining the type of service that you will run, then you already have a clear goal in opening an expedition service.

After determining the type of service, you also need to determine the range of service.  You can provide services in one city only or you can also make deliveries to other countries. If you want to go to international services, then you can start by cooperating with a leading courier service.

Define Delivery System

Tentukan Sistem Pengiriman

After you determine what type of expedition service will be run, then you need to determine the delivery system. Decide whether you want to single-handedly run your business or recruit employees or couriers from the beginning. The choice of this system depends on your needs and capabilities.

Basically, opening an expedition service will definitely require manpower. If you run this business yourself, then you will find it very difficult to develop quickly, because it is likely to lose out to competitors.

The faster the expedition service is provided, the better the impact on business development. Teamwork is the main support for running an expedition business, so you must have a compact team and must have a clear business system.

Provide The Best Service

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If you have determined the most appropriate delivery system, then you also need to be committed to always providing the best service for customers. Make sure the level of customer satisfaction with the service is high so that the business can be sustainable.

You must always deliver goods or documents on time so that customers are satisfied with the service. Minimizing damage to goods or documents with a strict and clear shipping system to avoid mistakes should also be one of your business objectives.

You also have to always make sure that the goods or documents arrive at the intended address and make sure the goods are received by the customer directly. With professional service and customer satisfaction, the expedition business will grow rapidly.

You can rely on Formo S as a fleet for your expedition service business because it has a spacious cabin capacity and a large trunk door. This allows you to carry more items and easily remove your various goods for your expedition services. Good luck!

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