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Tips to Save Electricity in Your House

13 November, 2017

Image Tips to Save Electricity in Your House

Dependence on electricity nowadays is immensely large. It’s different compared to power consumption in the old times when electricity was used only for lighting. As technology develops, various kinds of electronic equipments, including a variety of gadget, are invented and become part of our daily lives. Almost all of the equipments require electricity to function well, whether directly or indirectly.

Your dependence on electricity goes in line with more electricity usage. Surely you need to be clever to save electricity so that there won’t be any excessive spending on monthly electricity bill. Here are some tips you can do for thrifty electricity usage:

  1. Unplug unused cords and appliances from electric contact

Do you have that habit of leaving your cell phone charger plugged when it’s not charging? It is better that you unplug the charger and any equipment from electric contact when they are not in use, otherwise electric current will still flow through even when the equipments are turned off.

  1. Turn on electronic devices only when necessary

Turn off any electric device that is not in use. This is mostly advisable for people who often leave electronic devices turned on even when they are not in use, such as television (TV). Without realizing it, leaving the TV turned on continuously will result quite large power consumption.

  1. Turn off lamps during certain hours

The practice of turning on lamps during daytime is wasteful. We can harness sunlight as a source of lighting during the day. Therefore, turn on lamps only at night. If your house is dark during the day, you can try applying transparent roof. Make an effort to take part in the 2-lamp off movement on 05:00-10:00 p.m. daily.

  1. Use AC only when necessary

Air conditioner (AC) is one of electronic appliances that affect how big or how little your electricity bill is. Proper use of AC will certainly result in economic electricity usage.

  • Decrease AC temperature when there are only 1-3 persons in the room.
  • Avoid setting AC to the lowest temperature.
  • Turn off AC when it’s no longer in use.
  • Use timer so that AC turns off automatically when room temperature is cool.
  1. Use iron with automatic thermostat

Iron is one of home appliances that have relatively very small size. But who would have guessed that iron consumes large power, which is even larger than TV and other electronic equipments do. For that reason, the next tip to save electricity is by using iron that has automatic temperature control. This kind of iron will automatically turns off when it reaches high temperature. Apart from that, adjust the temperature with the type of fabric you are ironing.

  1. Choose washing machine that is suitable with your needs
  • Avoid choosing washing machine with large capacity, because the larger the capacity is, the more power it consumes.
  • Match washing machine’s capacity with the amount of your daily clothes.
  • Wash your clothes by not exceeding machine’s capacity. Exceeding washing machine’s capacity will burden the machine, which automatically requires bigger electricity.
  1. Use refrigerator wisely
  • When you are going away or there are no foods and drinks in your refrigerator, it’s better to just turn it off so that the refrigerator won’t consume a lot of energy.
  • Avoid setting refrigerator to the lowest temperature, because the lower the temperature is, the more power it requires.
  • Perform routine maintenance to keep refrigerator temperature well without excessive electricity usage.
  1. Turn off electronic devices before going to bed

Some people have the routine of leaving TV turned on during sleep. Make sure that you have turned off all electronic devices before going to bed. Reduce the habit of charging cell phone during sleep too. Not only that it can damage phone battery easily, such habit creates more electricity usage as well.

  1. Use electricity prepaid token

Another way to save electricity is by changing traditional electricity meter to electricity prepaid token. This is the newest innovation from state-owned power company (PLN) that allows people to have prepaid electricity usage rather than postpaid, which is still widely used today.

Do the tips above and compare whether your electricity bill next month is lower than that of this month. Let’s do it

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