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Want Some Invaluable and Profitable Hobby?

16 May, 2018

Image Want Some Invaluable and Profitable Hobby?

Do you still remember the last toy you had before you finally realized that life was the real deal and there’s no toying around? Looking back at it, that period in life is probably the one you miss the most. Alas, you can only dream of it and hope you can let your kids experience the same, if not better, fun life as a kid with toys.

Now that you’ve grown older, you realize that life as a parent is really tough. Not only you have to make ends meet, you need to also ensure your kids don’t get cranky when you’re not buying them the toys they crave. But, as we get older—men especially—this toy-collecting hobby did not end up at junior high school. At times it never ends at all.

There are friends among us who love collecting action figures from Marvel/DC Comics characters, such as Wonder Woman& Batman, or other Japanese super human figures, such as Dragon Ball or One Piece. The love for the figures sometimes can take an enormous effort as some can only be bought from overseas due to limited to no distributor selling them within the country. One piece of figure could cost between hundreds of thousands up to millions of rupiah. But, even the action figure alone is not the only factor that may turn this hobby to cost a fortune; one will then need to think about where to place and display all their collections—a glass cabinet, particular shelving in the corner of the bed or living room, or one might even need a particular room to store and display all the collections.

Additionally, if you happen to have some kind of undying love towards automotive and have this crazy thought about owning the legendary series from the world’s top manufacturers but have limited space to park the cars at home, then you may find solace in this hobby. Diecast figures feature real cars in a much smaller scale and can even go as rare as any desirable cars in real life size. In 2017 there was an event called Indonesian Diecast Expo, which was held for the fourth time last year. The event which involved various diecast communities showcased replicas from classic to muscle cars to tanks. These replicas are a feast to the eyes of automotive enthusiasts everywhere.

One of the highlights of this event is the auction session. This year a record was broken by a collectible diecast with a price fixated at IDR32 million! So, the good news is, besides costing you a fortune, this hobby provides the actual opportunity of making the owner a fortunate man. However, in order to keep it intact and if you intend to make it one day into an expensive collector’s item never ever let the precious diecast out of its case; take it from us as the geeks’ guide to diecast/action figure ownership.

An American guy named Bruce Pascal even started collecting diecast since he was 7 years old and has since collected more than 3,500 Hot Wheels on his shelves. This legendary collection of his is estimated to worth at US$ 1 million. Considering that, of course he insures all of his babies. So, are you interested in collecting diecast as well?

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