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Want to Get Slim Fast? Let’s Go Biking!

13 November, 2017

Image Want to Get Slim Fast? Let’s Go Biking!

Biking, in addition to its easiness, has many fun sides that a lot of people find it pleasant. This sport has no age limitation. Both children and elder people can do bicycling by simply adjusting their capability to the types of terrain to go through. Biking is categorized into four groups, namely:

1. Downhill

This extreme biking category is usually done by riding bicycles on a steep, rough hill. It requires a different kind of bicycle. Ideally, downhill bike has a thicker frame and suspension than most bikes because it has to dampen shocks on steep terrains.

2. Cross Country

Doing this sport category means you have to go through courses and trails consisting of a mix of rough forest paths and even paved paths connecting to other trails.

3. BMX

BMX or bicycling motocross was initiated by youths in California, U.S., who combined bicycling with resilience in motocross.

4. City Cycling

This sport category has a relatively low extremity. Basically you do bicycling on city roads along with motor vehicles that move much faster than bikes.

Here are some benefits that come from bicycling on a routine basis:

  1. Improving cardiovascular

Cycling is one of cardio sports because it improves the performances of heart, lungs, and circulation system. It can also lower bad cholesterol level in the blood, strengthen cardiac muscle, and lower blood pressure. Better blood circulation or cardiovascular system lowers the risks of having stroke, heart attack, and high blood pressure.

  1. Increasing muscle strength

Many parts of your body work when you are cycling, from the pedaling feet to the watchful eyes. If you do the exercise routinely, having strong and flexible muscles is one of the results you’ll get. Additionally, you also train your body coordination and balance.

  1. Nurturing joints

In addition to muscles, your knees, ankles, and wrists are some joints that will automatically work during cycling. Good mobility in the joints will make them move more flexibly.

  1. Maintaining body weight

Cardiovascular and muscle performances get more optimal due to cycling. One of the advantages of an active body with good cardiovascular system and trained muscles are the increase of calorie burning, which means good body metabolism. Calorie burning is certainly important to maintain ideal body weight. Combine regular bicycling with balanced diet to prevent the risks of obesity.

  1. Diminishing stress

When bicycling, the body will release endorphin that triggers comfort and positive mood, also reduces pain. Moreover, with incredible view during cycling, stress level in your body will decrease significantly.

  1. Reducing the risks of other diseases

One of the benefits that come from an active body is having minimum risks of diabetes. This relates to a stable insulin production in an active body. Biking can also lower the risks of cancer, particularly colon cancer.

Aside from those benefits, there are several side effects that you need to be aware of:

  1. Bicycling is not advisable for people with joint problems and rheumatoid arthritis.
  2. Bicycling may impact on sperm quality. Based on a research, 31-40% of men who biked for more than 5 hours a week had low number of sperm with good motility.
  3. Repeated motion during cycling can cause knee pain. It happen when there is an escalating intensity, going through distance that is too long, and when position of bike saddle is too high or too low.
  4. Mountain bike users tend to have risks of back injury because mountain bike is generally used in high speed on extreme terrain.
  5. Possibility of getting pins and needles in penis due to irritation after sitting on bike saddle for too long and hot temperature around the penis resulted from pedaling, as written by Dr. Andri Wanananda M.S. in detikHealth consultation forum.

In order that you are safe and comfortable when biking, don’t forget to do the following:

  • Check your bike entirely, from brake to tire condition.
  • Use helmet as well as knee and elbow pads to protect your head, knees and elbows because those are the most crucial body parts in case you fall.
  • Make sure that you are visible. Perhaps you go biking on public roads in a dark surrounding. Turn on bike lights and use bright-colored or glow in the dark clothes so that other road users can see you.
  • Maintain good attitude when biking. If there is no special bike lane, do not take pedestrian space.


Cycling will be more fun if done in the fresh air and clean, usually found in the suburbs, there are still many trees and pollution-free. While cycling, you can do picnics with family as well. Fortunately the spacious Wuling cabin is able to accommodate many people and goods at once. For the bike, do not worry because it can be placed at the top of the car.

So, which biking category that you like the most? Let’s go biking!





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