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Water Repellent Function on Cars during the Rainy Season

21 July, 2021

Image Water Repellent Function on Cars during the Rainy Season

Driving in the rainy season is sometimes quite dangerous because the driver’s view can get blocked. It takes a few tricks so that the view is not blocked under these conditions. One trick you can follow is to use water repellent liquid at several areas, such as the windshield or car mirror so that your view doesn’t get disturbed.

What is actually water repellent and what are the functions when driving in the rainy season? Read below for more explanation.

What is Water Repellent

Fungsi Water Repellent pada Mobil di Musim Hujan 1 1000x569

Based on its basic function, water repellent is a liquid that gives the effect of taro leaves. Meaning that when it rains, the water will not stick to the surface of the glass and flow directly down. Although the goal is to prevent water from sticking to the windshield, in fact water repellent can be used for all car surfaces, so that rainwater can immediately fall down instead when it rains.

Water Repellent Functions

Fungsi Water Repellent

One of the main obstacles to driving in the rainy season is the rainwater that sticks to the windshield, hence disrupting your view. Not only on the windshield, but the rain water that sticks to the left, right and back of the car is quite distracting while driving. Here the water repellent serves to prevent rainwater from sticking so that the view becomes clearer and driving is safe.

When water repellent is applied to the windshield, it will form a slippery layer on the windshield and give the effect of taro leaves so that the water does not stick and goes straight down. On the clear windshield this is very beneficial because the wiper can work more optimally when sweeping rainwater.

Water repellent can also be applied to the rearview mirror, so it is free from water during the rainy season. As is well known, the rear view mirror is one of the most important elements when driving because it helps the driver see other objects that are on the back side of the car.

Another advantage of using a water repellent, in addition to preventing water from sticking, can also make the exterior more shiny. It can also slow down the growth of mold on paint and car glass.

How To Use Water Repellent

Cara Menggunakan Water Repellent

Using this water repellent is actually very easy. The first thing to do is to wash the car until it is completely clean with no dirt attached to the glass and car body. Don’t forget to thoroughly dry the car until the remaining water and soap are completely gone. This is so that the water repellent can stick perfectly to the car body.

The second step is to prepare a water repellent and two microfiber washcloths. Spray water repellent liquid on the first microfiber cloth and wipe evenly on all glass and car body without exception. Wait for a while until the water repellent content adheres perfectly to the glass and car body. Then use a second microfiber cloth to dry the entire surface of the car body and windshield.

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