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What to Consider When Breaking Your Fast on the Road

23 April, 2020

Image What to Consider When Breaking Your Fast on the Road

Approaching the month of Ramadan, Muslims around the world, including those in Indonesia, must fast for a full month. In this blessed month, Muslims are looking forward to breaking fast together with family, friends, or relatives.

However, inevitably, there are times when you have to break your fast in the car since you are still on your way to the place you want to be. For those of you who often break the fast on the road, you should pay attention to the following tips:

Pack Some Food

Bawa Bekal

The food you pack from home can be very handy when you have to break your fast on the road. Make sure the food you bring consists of healthy snacks or fruits and is nutritious.

You can pack some recommended foods, such as dates, or other snacks or drinks that can boost your energy, such as bread, cakes, or biscuits. It is recommended not to bring heavy meals like rice or side dishes.

Turn on the radio or activate prayer notification on your smartphone

The use of radio will be very important. Besides its function as a medium of entertainment, radio can be a source of information or a reminder of the time to break the fast since it relays the evening prayer call.

Otherwise, smartphones with Islamic applications can now give you information concerning prayer times. You can activate prayer notifications, so you do not need to bother checking your phone. Remember, it is dangerous to check your phone while driving!

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Pull Your Car Over

Menepi Terlebih Dahulu

If the time to break the fast comes, you should immediately pull over first. Remember, driving while eating is the same as violating traffic rules, and you surely are not advised to do that.

However, when pulling over, make sure not to be reckless. Watch out for other vehicles whose drivers may also want to break their fast. If the road is congested, you should even be more careful. Furthermore, drivers can get their driving focus and concentration back if they eat Iftar or breaking fast meal on time.

Hygiene Kits

Perlengkapan Kebersihan

You should pay attention to your hands’ hygiene when breaking your fast. Therefore, it is a good idea to bring along a hand sanitizer or some wipes to clean your hands.

Moreover, remember to provide a small trash can in the car to dispose of waste of food, drinks, and their packaging. Afterward, you can look for a trash can nearby and immediately throw away all the garbage to avoid germs in the car.

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