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Wuling New Confero Series: The Spacious and Comfortable Cabin You’ll Ever Need

13 July, 2021

Image Wuling New Confero Series: The Spacious and Comfortable Cabin You’ll Ever Need

Compared to city cars, the MPV segment is more in demand because it provides better comfort. Wuling continues to innovate by introducing the New Confero Series which results in a better driving experience for you and your family. You can feel the comfort of the New Confero Series since you first saw it.

Not only one, this time the New Confero Series will introduce two new families, namely the New Confero with Double Blower ACs feature and the New Confero S Facelift design. Both come with all the advantages and technologies carried by the previous Confero series and, of course, with the addition of various new features that will make you fall in love.

New Confero with AC Double Blower

New Confero dengan AC Double Blower

Through the tagline “its spaciousness makes you happy”, now the whole family will feel more comfortable during the drive thanks to the presence of this New Confero series. With all the advantages of Confero, this variant gives a new look and comfort that you will not be able to miss.

Double Blower

Double Blower

The main problem with MPV cars is that the air conditioner cannot reach to the rear side. But worry not, with this New Confero there will be no more passengers who feel warm due to the AC not reaching the rear. The latest Confero series is equipped with Double Blower ACs that can reach up to the third row. The cabin will be cooler and it goes without saying that the trip with your family will be even more enjoyable.

More Trendy Look

Tampilan Lebih Trendi

This is the main feature of this New Confero which gives a compact and classic impression. It is suitable for you millennial families who put forward a stylish and sporty appearance. The trendy impression will be further strengthened by the New Smoked Headlamp design which is equipped with a projector headlight that eases to adjust the lighting and Daytime Running Light.

Wider Cabin

Kabin Lebih Luas

When compared to other Confero series, this New Confero feels more spacious for all your needs because it can carry up to 8 passengers. Not only that, passengers in the third row can sit more comfortably thanks to a wider cabin. You also don’t have to worry about your luggage because the New Confero’s luggage is more spacious and can store more items. Again, your comfort during driving will be guaranteed!

New Confero S Facelift Design

New Confero S Desain Facelift 

Confero S with the Youth and Sporty concept is becoming more trendy and better through the presence of their new family, New Confero S, which gives a new, fresh look to the interior and exterior.

New Confero S Facelift still carries various advantages of Confero S such as Luxurious Dashboard with a modern and luxurious vibe to the interior, Clear Parking Camera which provides a sense of security when parking, spacious cabin for you and your family as well as important safety features such as ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution) for your safety while driving.

Another feature that makes the New Confero S worthy of being your family’s choice is the presence of a new wheel, new door handle, and new garnish on the back. The latest Confero series is perfect for those of you who prioritize style when driving. Everyone will glance at you when you drive with your New Confero S!

The New Confero Series which has not only the best specifications in its class but also all the sophisticated features you ever need are ready to become you and your family’s daily trip family. It is suitable for those of you who are keen on having a different style of driving. Are you ready to feel this MPV car? Get it now!

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