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“Sentra Vaksinasi Wuling” Program, Get Vaccinated with Wuling!

25 July, 2021

Image “Sentra Vaksinasi Wuling” Program, Get Vaccinated with Wuling!

In support of the COVID-19 vaccination program held by the government with a target of 1 million vaccinations per day, Wuling Motors and Mayapada Hospital collaborated to hold the Sentra Vaksinasi Wuling program to overcome the current COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia.

Currently, the number of people in Indonesia who are exposed to COVID-19 is increasing with a total of more than 500 thousand active cases, while hospital facilities to treat COVID-19 patients have exceeded capacity.

Therefore, this program is designed as a support to help speed up the herd immunity in Indonesia, so hopefully we will soon be free from the COVID-19 disease. With more and more people vaccinated, the sooner we will be free from the pandemic that has hit us for more than a year already.

Sentra Vaksinasi Wuling program has been hold at Summarecon Mall Kelapa Gading 5, Jakarta on 16-31 July 2021 for the first dose of vaccine and in August for the second dose.

What are the general requirements that you must follow in this program?

  • Must be > 12 years old
  • Mandatory to bring KTP, KK for those aged 12-16 years
  • Must have a letter from a doctor if there is a congenital disease (comorbid) or a history of allergies
  • Must follow directions and regulations before, during and after vaccines

Wuling family, let’s together fight Corona with Wuling (#BersamaWulingLawanCorona) by participating in the Sentra Vaksinasi Wuling. Don’t forget to keep your distance and apply health protocols. And of course, the most important thing is to keep your health!

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