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Your Wuling Guide to Explore Automotive Shows

22 September, 2018

Image Your Wuling Guide to Explore Automotive Shows

Wherever you live, you must be familiar with the excitement of an automotive exhibition, especially in big cities like Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, and Makassar. While for other big and small cities in other areas, such as Depok, Banjarmasin, Balikpapan, Palembang, Palu, and some other, there are also smaller-scale automotive exhibitions such as booths at the nearest malls/plazas.

These automotive exhibitions are held so that people are given the convenience to experience their dream cars in close proximity and even the opportunity to do a test drive. However, in the midst of the many types of cars on display, we are often confused about choosing the one or what to ask in detail to the sales team at the exhibition booth. Wuling happily shares with you a brief guide to becoe a cool ‘detective’ to extract the right information.

1.  Digital work

In an era that is increasingly full of rapid technological advancements, you should not miss it. Now there are more information sources that you can use besides automotive newspapers and magazines. For example, the Google search engine, specifically for videos on YouTube, social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Everything you can use to extract information such as your target car, the community of that specific car brand, the history of your desired car, and so on.

Through this variety of search engines, you can find out the latest information about when and where you can visit the nearest car exhibition from your residence. You can also search for Wuling information on Wuling’s social media Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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2. The dream brand

From that initial searching process, you definitely would have been able to narrow down your preferences of the dream brand to at least 5. Make sure you have a list of some of the ideal car brands that you will visit at the exhibition.

After confirming that list and knowing each exhibition schedule, the next step is to find out where each brand’s booth is. Don’t forget to make sure you know the location of the entrance, exit, prayer room, food court, etc.

3. Attractive offering

After convincing yourself that the brand is ideal to your liking, look for something more! Approach the sales team’s representative at the booth and ask about what offer is being provided. Usually, there are many interesting offers at the exhibition from direct bonuses, sweepstakes, discounts, etc. Find out the interesting offers from Wuling at the current exhibition.

4. Official refinancing company

If the car brand that you desire is bona fide, it surely comes with installment option to make the purchase with support coming from at least 3 or more official refinancing companies. At Wuling, we make it easy for you by providing you with not only three, but seven official financial institutions; from Mandiri Tunas Finance, Mega Auto Finance, Adira Finance, OTO Multiartha, BCA Finance, Maybank Finance, & CSUL Finance. Even though there’s not much difference in the offer between one institution and another, every rupiah and percentage of interest certainly helps you to control your financial and monthly income.

5.  After-sales service

After you take the first 4 steps above, now is the time for you to ensure whether your dream car brand is quite bona fide and reliable. You can prove this through the after-sales service provided/offered. Currently Wuling has a network of 80 authorized dealers/workshops spread throughout Indonesia, and the price of spare parts provided is 20% cheaper.

This after-sales service is also closely related to insurance services that are definitely included when the purchase is made in instalments. Understand the type of insurance you need and one that is really useful for your car so that you don’t make the wrong choice. Most official financing services are usually able to include the insurance costs into monthly installment. Be careful in sorting the best one!

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6. Test drive

This is the most important phase of the whole process of searching for your dream vehicle. Ask for a test drive test to the representative of the sales team at the exhibition/booth arena. If you don’t want to queue too long, come early. Through this experience you can really feel how the car’s suspension system works, the smoothness of the engine sound, the firmness of the sound when the car door is closed, the comfort when you sit behind the steering wheel, and safety features are the most important to be truly tested. If you are not sure, you can visit the nearest dealer to re-test your target car before you can be firmly assured.

We hope this guide can be really useful and helpful when you’re looking for an ideal vehicle at an automotive show. But always remember to drive for a better life and share the fun of your experience with Wuling through #CeritaWuling!

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