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Almaz RS, Wuling Flagship SUV Wins Best of High SUV Gasoline

2 April, 2022

Image Almaz RS, Wuling Flagship SUV Wins Best of High SUV Gasoline

Intelligent Digital Car holds the title of the best High SUV Gasoline at the Otomotif Award 2022

Jakarta, April 2, 2022 – Wuling Almaz RS, Intelligent Digital Car, won the Best of High SUV Gasoline award in the 2022 ‘We Can Do’ Otomotif Award event on Friday, April 1, 2022. This annual event from Otomotif was held virtually through the Otomotif TV Youtube Channel and GridOto as well as the Otomotifweekly and GridOto fan Facebook pages.

“We are proud and grateful for the award given to our flagship SUV, the Wuling Almaz RS as the Best of High SUV Gasoline. This appreciation from Automotive media partners is certainly proof of the competence of the Intelligent Digital Car, which is supported by the Wuling Interconnected Smart Ecosystem (WISE) innovation in the SUV segment and is an encouragement for us to continue to innovate,” explained Dian Asmahani as Brand & Marketing Director of Wuling Motors.

The judging process for the 2022 Otomotif Award was carried out from April 2021 to March 2022 by the Tabloid Otomotif team. The assessment is based on 7 factors. Starting from the design, features and technology, performance, fuel consumption, price, handling and comfort, to the novelty factor of a product. Not to forget, the tested model is a unit that is still officially marketed.

The Wuling Almaz RS ‘Drive Unlimited Way’ which was named the Best of High SUV Gasoline is a flagship SUV model equipped with advanced innovations in order to optimize driving comfort and ease. The innovation is the Wuling Interconnected Smart Ecosystem (WISE) which combines the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and the Internet of Vehicle (IoV).

The ADAS feature is a modern support system to make it easier for drivers to maintain safety while driving. There are 12 functions in ADAS. Consists of Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Bend Cruise Assistance (BCA), Intelligent Cruise Assistance (ICA), Traffic Jam Assistance (TJA), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Lane Keeping Assist (LKA), Safe Distance Warning (SDW), Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Automatic Emergency Brake (AEB), Intelligent Hydraulic Braking Assistance (IHBA), Collision Mitigation System (CMS), Intelligent Head Beam Assistance (IHMA).

Then the Internet of Vehicle (IoV) has various advanced features such as Vehicle Remote Control to control the vehicle remotely via smartphone. Through IoV, the driver can also easily heat the engine, cool the cabin, open and close windows, and lock doors, to Vehicle Positioning which can be accessed using an application installed on a smartphone. In addition, there is also a Geo-Fencing feature or “electronic fence” which serves as a security feature. If the vehicle is known to be outside the specified radius, the vehicle owner will receive a notification via smartphone. Multi-device interface can also be accessed via Bluetooth connection or Bluetooth key.

The Almaz RS is powered by a 4-cylinder petrol engine with 1,500cc turbocharged which produces a maximum power of 140 HP and a peak torque of 250Nm. The performance is distributed through the CVT which makes gearshifting smooth and responsive for this smart digital car.

For additional information, Wuling Almaz RS is also present at the IIMS Hybrid 2022 exhibition. Besides being able to see the product directly at the Wuling booth located in Hall D, JIEXPO Kemayoran, consumers can also try this Smart SUV in the test drive area. “We provide 2 Almaz RS units that can be tried in IIMS Hybrid 2022. Let’s feel a modern driving experience with Almaz RS which is equipped with the ADAS,” added Dian.

Pengunjung IIMS Hybrid 2022 bisa mencoba berkendara Wuling Almaz RS di area test drive 1000x667

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