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Almaz Wuling Conquers Challenging West Java Routes with 23 Media Automotive

18 March, 2019

Image Almaz Wuling Conquers Challenging West Java Routes with 23 Media Automotive

387 Km was successfully taken by the first Wuling SUV on the Bandung – Tasikmalaya route


Bandung, March 8, 2019  –  Continuing the series of activities of ‘Almaz Smart Journey’ second stage, Wuling Almaz ‘Drive Unlimited Way’ managed to navigate a challenging travel route in West Java as far as 387 kilometers. The activity, which was held from 11-13 March 2019, involved 23 automotive journalists and presented a driving experience while traveling with Smart Technology SUV from Wuling.


Starting with a flag off procession at Wuling Arista Bandung Suci, a group of journalists began the Bandung – Pangandaran – Tasikmalaya route through the Purbaleunyi toll road. Media partners used Wuling Link, which is included in smart multimedia 10.4″touchscreen as a guide, communication device, and access to entertainment during the trip.

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The first day passed smoothly through the Nagreg which was quite dense until the winding lane in the Pangandaran area. Support for electronic stability control (ESC) helps the car conquer the winding path. The ABS, EBD, BA braking system also improves vehicle safety when it has to decelerate on sharp turns on this route. After a long journey, the participants finally arrived at Pangandaran coast at night.


Then on the second day, the media crew increasingly felt the sensation of adventuring through body rafting activities at HAU Citumang. After lunch, the group tried Almaz along Pangandaran coast to the Tasikmalaya plateau with heavy rain conditions. Passing challenging road and weather contours, toughness performance of Honeywell’s 1,500cc turbocharged engine with 250Nm of torque and a combination of CVT transmission from Bosch with a choice of sport modes to an 8-speed manual become a good combination to conquer this route.


Entering the city of Tasikmalaya, travel is a little hampered by heavy traffic. This is not a significant nuisance thanks to the spacious cabin space, the classy audio system from Infinity by Harman and the panoramic sunroof that makes travel not boring.


“We hope that this experience can answer the curiosity of performance and the various modern features presented in the Smart Technology SUV through long-distance and challenging trips with Almaz, which of course from the automotive media partners has certainly been awaited. In addition, we also present a different experience by involving Wuling Link who accompanied you during this activity, “said Dian Asmahani, Wuling Motors Brand Manager.


Modern features are presented at Wuling Almaz to maximize driving performance, such as Smart Multimedia 10.4 “which provides ease of regulating air conditioning (AC), access to entertainment, and other vehicle settings. The passenger harmony in this SUV is also supported by dual front and side airbags, Traction Control System (TCS), Automatic Vehicle Holding (AVH), Hill Hold Control (HHC) to Emergency Stop Signal (ESS).

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