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Customer Satisfaction

7 May, 2018

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For those of you who came to the IIMS 2018 might have encountered with the presence of Wuling’s first Confero Community at our booth. Currently the fanbase have grown quite steadily. In Bandung, Baraya Confero declared their presence during Wuling Cortez regional launch at Trans Studio Mall back in February 2018. We feel honoured for the love we’ve been receiving. Thus, we feel it’s just right to return with our customer gathering event.

As much as we want Indonesian families to be part of our family, we would like to reach out to everyone as far as possible. This May 6th, 2018 we came up with Family Feastival for our customers in Surabaya. The event that was held at Resto Nine was really a feast and very entertaining as we invited our loyal customers to enjoy the entertainment, fun games, door prizes, talk show, and also test drive activities.

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We invited Sonny Susmana from Safety Defensive Consultant Indonesia (SDCI) as the guest star for our talk show. The guests to the event was actively engaged with the topic on safety driving, the right position while driving, and knowing what you drive. Some of the things we often neglected were brought into conscience through this talk show and we were reminded how to keep everything within the right procedure to keep us safe during our trip in the car.

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A spokes person from Wuling Motors presented some important information on Wuling’s presence with utter joy. Kusumanendra Triyudhanto explained who and what Wuling Motors is, as well as Wuling’s vision on what to achieve and produce for the Indonesian consumers for the years to come. As we are very serious in providing not just product, but also quality for our customers, Mr. Kusumanendra Triyudhanto also disclosed what Wuling does through the after sales program in order to keep each customer tended and cared for. Because, we do understand that the value of our product lies not only on the amount of cars we produce each year, but what we actually do to provide reliable maintenance for the cars owned by our valued Indonesian customers everywhere.

These are some pictures that show how this Family Feastival has brought joy to our families in Surabaya. But, of course we would like to make it happen in other cities as well. Give a shoutout and let us know you are here with us through our Instagram account @Wulingmotorsid and our Facebook account at Wuling Motors Indonesia and hopefully we can make something happen in your city as well.

Keep yourself posted and see you around in our next events!

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